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TOPICLeadingASSIGNMENTDIRECTION &REQUIREMENT/SLook for a case on Leading. Analyze the case using the prescribed Case Analysis Format. Check the similarity index (20% threshold)ASSIGNMENTOUTPUTRequired:a) Case Studyb) Case Analysisc) Plagiarism ReportRUBRIC / MARKING SCHEME Analysis will be graded on the following criteria (for 10 points):9 -10 = Details are fully complete and demonstrate deep understanding of the content.8 – 9 = With learning content and relevance but no concrete instances4 – 5 = Analysis is acceptable but lacks minor details3 = Analysis is responsive but not fully complete2 = Major details are missing and shows low level of understanding of the content1 = Analysis is lacking multiple major details0 = Problem is not answered or answer given is not appropriateLEARNINGASSESSMENT/MARKING FACULTY/MARKER’S FEEDBACKITEM CILOs MARKS MARKS AWARDEDTOTALCASE STUDY ANALYSIS GENERAL OUTLINEI – TITLE OF THE CASEII – TIME CONTEXT(The approximate time when the case happened. Consider only this time period whenyou analyze the case.)III – VIEW POINT(Consider always the point of view by the concerned officer/s based on the course being undertaken example: Marketing Director if the subject is marketing management, CEO if business Policy/ management.)IV- AREAS OF CONSIDERATIONA.• a short company background.• State briefly the critical facts from the case that have affected the historical direction and performance of the focal firm.• State critical incidents that may have bearing to the occurrence of the problem in the case. (Cause of the problem)• Show how these critical facts lead to a particular focus for you analysis.•B. Analysis1. General Environmental Analysis• Technology• Demographic Trends• Economic Trends• Political/Legal Environment• Socio-Cultural Environment• Global Environment2. Industry Analysis• Study the effects of the general environment trends on the local industry.3. SWOT AnalysisV- STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM• Based on the areas of consideration come up with central problem of the case. Or you can enumerate the problems you find and arrange them in order of significance in order to be able to identify the central problem.• Always write one line statement of the problem either a declarative statement form or form.VI – ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION• Provide at least three alternative courses of action (ACA1, ACA2, and ACA3) as proposed solution to the problem of the case.• You may provide brief explanation of each ACA.VII – ALTERNATIVE EVALUATION• Evaluate the proposed alternatives by providing the advantages and disadvantage of each. Your choice should be a defensible one and provide more benefits than all the given alternatives.A. Alternative Choice• The best alternative should be explained in this portion and defended.B. Recommendation• Propose other solutions or strategies you think will also help solve or even prevent the problem from recurring again.VIII- PLAN OF ACTION• Provide a program of activities in order to implement the course of action.• A Gantt chart is recommended for the purpose.

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