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name and IDPaper name and numberDelete the grey instructional text you submit your assessmentBackground case studyWrite your communication event in here. You need to describe a communication event involving someone aged 0-12 years. This can be from personal experience or from the textbook for this paper (or other approved sources). In your description include the: who, what where, and how of this communications event. Outline what you understood or thought at the time and the impact this event had on you. This background case study is not . Suggested word count – 150 .You are expected to acknowledge how you have obtained the information in the case study, and maintained the privacy of people who are discussed.Please do this by keeping the one statement that applies to your case study (and deleting the two statements that do NOT apply):• This case study is from my own experience and I do not require consent from others. I have maintained the privacy of any individuals discussed by ensuring their identity remains anonymous.• This case study is from the experience of another person. I have obtained their verbal consent and I have maintained the privacy of any individuals involved by ensuring all identities remains anonymous.• This case study is from a published source. An acknowledgement to the source is provided here, along with a full reference in section 5.Section 1 – / theoristsDiscuss the event in terms of two theory/theorists. In this section you will need to support your discussion with relevant citations, referencing academic sources. Word Count: 200 words.Section 2 – Cognitive domain and environmental influencesUsing the two theories mentioned in section 1, discuss the event in terms of: the Cognitive domain and Environmental influences. For example, what influences cognitive development and how does the environment influence growth, in this case study? In this section you will need to support your discussion with relevant theory and citations, referencing academic sources. Outline how two domains interact. Word Count: 200 words.Section 3 – Communication strategiesImagine yourself as a healthcare professional. Explain how you would apply your learning related to your case study when communicating (verbally/non-verbally) with someone of this same age. Word Count: 100 words.Section 4 – Ethical principlesOutline relevant ethical principles when working with someone of this age group. Word Count: 100 words.(Total word count not including case study and references list = XXX)Section 5 – ReferencesReference list in correct, APA 7th format. Use only credible, peer-reviewed academic sources, not website summaries such as simply .com. If you used a case study from a book or website (any publically available source), you need to reference it here.Note: APA 7th requires that you add a DOI or URL. So include a DOI if available. Do not include a URL or database information for works from academic databases. Include a URL for ebooks from other websites. Do not put a period after the DOI or URL

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