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Title = Making Mentor and mentee matching a success ( I want to change this to a more catching one suitable for STEM Research Method )Description =The idea is to use parameters like skill set, education background, knowledge level and work experience of mentor and mentee. Based on an optimal algorithm that is designed in this research project, the system should be able to list the matching mentee or mentor for a given input data. The input can be a mentor or mentee. An example working prototype can be developed using MySQL database and PHP as the web development programming language. Kaggle data set can be used for this purpose.RQ:What are the drawbacks of existing approaches in making successful matches between mentor and mentee in academic institutions? ( is it possible to improve this RQ? )How to overcome those limitations? ( is it possible to improve this RQ? )Example Reference:https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405844017336769May be we can combine both RQ into one Research Question and frame a more better one?Please let me know your thoughts and the cost also.Feeback from lecturer:Research proposal requirements———————————————————————————————–You will then a research proposal based on the above activities and the proposal accordingly should include:1. Title: Indicate what you will do with approach and key question(s) in mind2. Abstract: Summarise the why, what, how, and when of the proposal (because a research proposal is one that detailswhy, what, how and when of your proposed research activities)3. Introduction: Provide background information relevant to the problem you have identified, describe and explain why theproblem you have identified needs to be investigated or investigated further, state what the purpose of your proposedstudy is, explain the significance of your proposed study (for extending engineering knowledge or improving engineeringpractice if possible)4. Literature review: and critically evaluate the literature and work that are relevant to thescientific/technological or problem you have introduced.5. Research Question(s): The knowledge gap from your literature review expressed as research questions are asked forwhich you propose to conduct the research to answer6. Research Design/Methods: what research techniques (experimental/measurement/analytical/ modelling) you willuse and also briefly explain how you will conduct the activities, explain what facilities are needed and are available,schedule the research activities you have planned, report on what progress you may have made in familiarising the use ofthese facilities and preliminary work if any7. ReferencesThe writing may be between 4000-5000 words and in Engineering writing we use and include equations, graphs, drawings,diagrams, images, etc., to express and communicate technically and scientifically.

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