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Assignment Details:
This assignment is to develop a Participation and Engagement Plan that specifies how you might go about consulting with and involving consumers/participants in decisions about service and program you will be providingThis Program Implementation Plan is to be written in report format and should be a minimum of 1000 words with all the following areas addressing both the concept and application to your program under each of the following clearly labeled headings:· Input to program development what input from internal and external stakeholders have you sought – who, when, what was this input that you now intend to integrate?· Formal inclusion of your consumers/participants in your groups management processes did any proposed consumers/participants attend your formal meetings or process· Consideration of individual differences, rights, needs and preferences you may wish to explore this with the formal inclusion item above· Program Design with consideration to planning principles What is your actual training workshop and program and how will this be facilitated, the involved and who is doing exactly what and when?· Program Resourcing – Financial, human and physical resource requirements determine all that is required in terms of resourcing for your program. Staff, environment, equipment, safety & budget framework. Consider any funding (Govt. & Non Govt. that may be able to be accessed – including grant funding also in this process) and how this will be monitored relative to budget?· Supporting systems and procedures Identify and discuss the key procedures and systems required for your program to be successful and compliant, including safety, risk, sustainability, feedback and complaints procedures. Please research and consider any standards, codes and legislation in your response· Service evaluation methods What for continuous improvement and feedback from people involved in your programs will you develop and implement?Program priorities, tasks, timelines and responsibilities Each week in your formal group meetings you are to identify and document each of these areas including the supplied ‘Group Task Delegation Form’ and/or an Action Plan- MY TOPIC IS ON DISABILITY.- YOU WILL NEED TO RESEARCH ABOUT THE AVAILABLE SERVICES FOR PEOPLE EXPERIENCING DISABILITY.- RESEARCH ABOUT: THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF DISABILITIES.- RESEARCH ABOUT THE STATISTICS AND MAKE GRAPH BY SHOWING THE AMOUNT OF MALE , FEMALE, OLD AND YOUNG PEOPLE EXPERIENCING DISABILITY, WHICH IS THE MOST COMMON DISABILITY- ALSO NEED TO RESEARCH ON THE GOAL ON HOW TO RESEARCH TO CREATE A MORE SAFER AND ENVIRONEMNT FOR PEOPLE EXPERIENCING DISABILITIES.

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