64827 – Task 31. (Compulsory) If and how does the selected health

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Task 31. (Compulsory) If and how does the selected health initiative/solution meet the NZ obligations based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi? How does the solution/initiative to the four Articles of the Treaty? What are some recommendations that the initiatives’/solution’s effectiveness in relation to the Treaty?• It ensures that Maori tikanga (practices and values) are taken into consideration when dealing with and to domestic violence. (Ministry of , 2018)• This links to article 3 – equity between Maori and pakeha.• Links to article 1 – the Family Violence Act 2018, is binded by the Crown (Ministry of Justice, 2018), and Crown has a responsibility to maintain peace (Berghan et al, 2017).• Recommendations: this Act does not the Treaty of Waitangi.

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