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ContextThe outcome of this report is a diagnosis of the marketing situation (situation analysis) for a B2B product or service. In conducting this diagnostic report into the marketing context of a B2B product or service provider, you will develop industry relevant skills to:Develop, integrate, and evaluate broad business theoretical and technical knowledge, in the marketing business environment.Apply research skills, appropriate to the qualification.Recognise and analyse business operations, challenges, and innovations and identify and assess business solutions.InstructionsFirst, you must find a company that operates in an area or industry of your interest. Once you have located a company, you will be required to select one of their real-life B2B products or services, to use in your report.For your future assessments, 2 and 3 (marketing plan and presentation), you will get the chance to work in groups. At that point, your group will need to select a company, from those presented in assessment 1.For this reason, your assessment 1 diagnostic report must be detailed and in-depth, in case it is chosen by your future group, in assessments 2 and 3.Once you have chosen your company and your product, your task is as follows:1. Describe the background of the product and company — aspects to consider, could be the historical background of the product/company, such as brand, mission and vision.2. Explain the product details — this includes all aspects of the product, such as features, technical aspects, benefits to customers, varieties, etc.3. Analyse the relevant market situation that includes industry analysis, competitors, and market trends — this includes the micro (company, suppliers, intermediaries, customers, competitors and publics) and macro (political, economic, social, and technological) analysis. The other elements to include, could be competitors and other market trends.4. Analyse the market segmentation of this product — this includes the basis of segmentation for your product, with a clear section identified.5. Explain the importance of relationships in this industry – A comprehensive relationship management analysis should be included to show the importance of relationship in this industry.6. Explain the buying behaviour in this industry — your explanation should include the buying process in this industry and the relevant factors that affect buying behaviour.The Report FormatThe report format is very important. It should be reflective of a formal report that would be used in a professional business setting.The report must include:A) A reference list— note, this is not a bibliography — and;B) In-text references and citations, in accordance with the College guidelines (I.e. APA referencing style).Below is an example of the formatting required:The Example Report FormatTitle PageTable of ContentsExecutive Summary — this is an overview of the major points in your report. Ideally, the reader should be able to get a good understanding of the key concepts that can be found in your report, just by reading this section.Note: The above-mentioned sections are not included in the assessment word count!1.0 Background1.1 Company history1.2 Mission1.3 The brand1.4 The product and services – tell us about the features and how this benefits customers. How does this product/service meet the needs of the business, and why do you propose it is (or will be) successful?2.0 Situational analysis — this is your starting point. This is where you critically describe where things are at the moment — i.e. your current business situation.2.1 Environment — Political, Economic, Social, Technological — the big picture trends that affect your company and its marketing activities.2.2 Market — Current size and expected growth, in the market in which you will compete.2.3 Competition — Description of major competitors — include size, market share, key product lines, and marketing activities, particularly online.2.4 Customers — Description of current or target customer base, i.e. an analysis of wants and needs.3.0 Market segmentation — Define segments, based on existing and potential customers. Identify the target market for this particular product/service. The basis for segmentation could be based on:geography, company size, digital media or the use of specific technology, various products, or brands.4.0 Relationships — Explain the importance of relationships. Think about the sales force and specific relationship-building activities, both before and after purchase. Consider the B2B customer lifecycle (Reach-Acquisition-Conversion-Retention-Loyalty) and the types of activities that will both, engage customers and strengthen relationships that result in greater lifetime value.5.0 Buyer Behaviour — Buying processes and factors affecting buyer behaviour.Conclusion — A good conclusion should summarise your key relevant points. Do not introduce any new concepts here! You want to remind us of why your argument is relevant and what reasoning, decision or judgement you came to, based on the research you undertook.References — Remember, this must be in the APA referencing style!Submission InstructionsSubmit your final report via the Assessment Items and Submission link in the main navigation menu. The learning facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

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