(Alternative assessment) Weighting: 50% of the overall grade Word count:

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(Alternative assessment) Weighting: 50% of the overall grade
Word count: 1500 Submission deadline: 11/05/2021 1600hrs Learning Outcomes Evidenced by this assignment: 1,2,3,4,5,6
At the end of this module, students will be able to: Knowledge 1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the various theoretical influences (psychological, social and cultural) upon consumption as a practice. 2. Synthesise the contemporary issues involved in consumption practice that have a broad societal relevance.
Thinking skills 3. Analyse, evaluate and interpret consumer behaviour theories and models and understand their relevance to contemporary marketing practice.
Subject-based practical skills 4. Plan, conduct and report research in the field of consumer behaviour to provide recommendations for effective marketing strategies.
Skills for life and work (general skills) 5. Develop the art of constructing and defending academic arguments. 6. Develop the independent learning ability required for continuing professional development.
Details of the assessment task Answer TWO from the four given below. Each question is worth 50 marks and should be 750 words so that the total word count for this assessment will be 1500 words This is an open book assessment. You are allowed to consult your books, journal articles, and other relevant materials to support your claims in the answers to these questions
Question 1 a) The events around Covid-19 have led to an increase in the use of technology among consumers in recent times for meeting their day-to-day consumption needs. Consequently, the use of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has changed the dynamics of social groups in recent times. Considering this, conceptually discuss how this development has influenced consumer behaviour in this 21st century [40 marks]
b) Considering the trend in consumer behaviour this day and age, do you think e-commerce will totally replace high street retailers? Justify your position with explanation [10 marks]
Question 2 (a) Conceptually explain the difference between acculturation and enculturation. Use the consumption of fashion items in the UK as an example to illustrate your contention. [20 marks]
(b) The notion of subculture explains a group whose members share significant beliefs and common preferences. In view of this, critically discuss the dynamics of the religious subcultures with reference to relevant examples to justify your standpoint. [30 marks]
Question 3 Perception which is defined as the process by which consumers select, organise, and interpret sensations, is an important topic in marketing. Conceptually examine how it is applied to marketing, and use relevant example to illustrate the use of perceptual map in this context [50 marks] Question 4 Write very briefly about each of these consumer behaviour concepts and explain their relevance to marketing: Brand communities [12.5 marks] Classical conditioning [12.5 marks] Post purchase evaluation [12.5 marks] Digital self [12.5 marks]
a) Assessment criteria for each task
Assessment criteria
These are based on the grades allocated and shown under each of the questions.
We strongly suggest that you try to submit all coursework by the deadline set as meeting deadlines will be expected in employment. However, in our regulations, has permitted students to be able to submit their coursework up to 24 hours after the deadline. The deadline is published in this module guide. Coursework which is submitted late, but within 24 hours of the deadline, will be assessed but subjected to a fixed penalty of 5% of the total marks available (as opposed to marks obtained). If you submit twice, once before the deadline and once during the 24 hour late period, then the second submission will be marked and 5% deducted. This rule only applies to coursework. It does not apply to examinations, presentations, performances, practical assessments or viva voce examinations. If you miss these for a genuine reason, then you will need to apply for extenuating circumstances, or accept that you will receive a zero mark.
Further information is available in the Assessment & Feed
b) Guidance on referencing As a student you will be taught how to write correctly referenced essays using standard Harvard referencing system from Cite Them Right . Cite them Right is the standard Harvard referencing style for all Schools apart from the School of Psychology which uses the APA system. This book will teach you all you need to know about Harvard referencing, plagiarism and collusion. The electronic version of “Cite Them Right: the essential referencing guide” 9th edition, can be accessed whilst on or off campus, via Direct. The book can only be read online and no part of it can be printed nor downloaded.
c) Details of submission procedures: Your work should be word processed in accordance with the following key guidelines: · Font style, Lucida Sans, font size 12 · 1.5 line spacing. · The page orientation should be ‘portrait’ · Margins on both sides of the page should be no less than 2.5 cm · Pages should be numbered · Your name should not appear on the paper. · Your student number should be included on every page. · Please use the front sheet provided · Indicate the word count on the front sheet
Notice is hereby given that all submissions for component 1 assessment (Individual report) of this Module must be submitted to Turnitin.” If you fail to submit it to Turnitin, in accordance with the guidance provided on the Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle), a mark of 0 will be awarded for the component. Submitting Assessments Using Turnitin: Turnitin is required for coursework assessments, such as report/research papers or projects in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and in PDF format. There are two main reasons we want you to use Turnitin: · Turnitin can help you avoid academic breaches and plagiarism. When you use Turnitin before a submission deadline, you can use the Originality Report feature to compare your work to thousands of other sources (like websites, Wikipedia, and even other student papers). Anything in your work that identically matches another source is highlighted for you to see. When you use this feature before the deadline, you will have time to revise your work to avoid an instance of academic breach/plagiarism. · Turnitin saves paper. When using Turnitin to electronically submit your work, you will almost never have to submit a paper copy.

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