Leading Strategic Projects essay

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3. Questions
As in the past four modules, use your chosen case study of a strategic project to answer the questions that follow.
In this module, you learnt about reduction and response actions to help you lead projects through emergent complexities. In this activity submission, you are required to identify and analyse the emergent complexities within your strategic project with reference to the complexity assessment tool, and to evaluate appropriate responses to these complexities within the particular context of your ongoing case study.
Question 1
What are, or were, the emergent complexities in your project? Where applicable, provide examples.
 (Max. 500 words)
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Question 2
If your strategic project is still in progress, how can you respond to complexities of uncertainty and change? Why would you expect these strategies to be effective?
If your strategic project has already been completed, how did you respond to the effects of the complexities originating from uncertainty and change? How effective were these responses, and what alternatives would you suggest now?
(Max. 500 words)
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