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MSN674 Psychotherapy for Psych-Mental Health NP
Module 1 Discussion
Peronality Theories & Framework for Practice
1. Discuss how to set the stage for effective therapy. Discuss the therapeutic sense of self and boundaries.
2. Discuss personality theories that interest you (minimum of 2).
MSN674 Psychotherapy for Psych-Mental Health NP
Module 2 Discussion
1. Review the basic premises of CBT. Why would you choose or not choose this type of therapy.
2. Discuss where you see interpersonal therapy fitting into your treatment of patients. Is this a practical theory? Can you add it into your practice easily?
MSN674 Psychotherapy for Psych-Mental Health NP
Module 3 Discussion
Pychodynamic, Rogerian. Person Centered, Humanistic
1. Discuss the key differences between the prior theories and the psychodynamic theories. Are there differences that may impact patient acceptance of this technique?
2. Compare and Contrast Rogerian, Humanistic and Person-Centered Therapy.
MSN674 Psychotherapy for Psych-Mental Health NP
Module 4 Discussion
Behavior Therapies & Trauma
1. Discuss Behavior Therapies
     a. What do you like and dislike?
      b. How do they compare to the other theories?
       c. Are they better for children or adults?
2. After reading the assigned chapters, google “Trauma Informed Care”
      a. Discuss how the information presented in your textbooks supports or refutes this type of care.
      b. What are your thoughts as it is related to TIC (Trauma Informed Care) now that you have read about?
      c. Do you feel you will use it in your practice?
MSN674 Psychotherapy for Psych-Mental Health NP
Module 5 Discussion
Group Therapy & Family Therapy
1. Discuss your opinions on group therapy ; what populations benefit most?
2. Discuss the treatment options for family therapy and the necessary components for care.
MSN674 Psychotherapy for Psych-Mental Health NP
Module 6 Discussion
Psychotherapy with Children & Psychotherapy with Older Adults
1. Discuss the difference that may appear in child therapies with your chosen therapy style ?
2. How would you alter your techniques when treating children?
3. Discuss the needs of senior adults and how therapy may need a different delivery than other adults.
4. Are there senior adults that would not benefit from therapy?
MSN674 Psychotherapy for Psych-Mental Health NP
Module 7 Discussion
Feminist Therapy & Multicultural Perspective
1. Consider and address the issues related to only women.
     a. Are they a special population?
     b. Are there special symptoms?
MSN674 Psychotherapy for Psych-Mental Health NP
Module 4 Assignment
Personal Therapy Statement
Provide a 2-page double spaced essay, detailing what style of therapy you intend to provide and why. Even if you intend to stick with medication management, academia, or any other non-therapy job description, for the purposes of this assignment imagine that you will be acting as a therapist at some point of your career. Please do not include any sources. You are expected to describe your thoughts only.
Grading criteria: If your essay demonstrates sincere thought about this subject, addresses both what kind of therapy, and why, you will receive all available points. For only describing what type of therapy, or only saying why, you will receive half available points.
MSN674 Psychotherapy for Psych-Mental Health NP
Module 6 Assignment
Family Systems Project
The Family Systems project
If you cannot do a genogram per computer (there are websites for genograms)
The content of the project will consist of:
o A family genogram (3 generations)
includes all the members of your family and identifies significant alliances among the various members
the relationship you had as a child with each person
your relationship with each member now
o A written paper- Cites and discusses at least 2 family systems theories to support dynamics of family genogram
 It is expected
o that the narrative be written in APA format
o that it is referenced with original sources
o that the genogram is neatly diagrammed and labeled
see Family Therapy Applied to the Case of Stan,  Corey 9th ed. pp 452-455, (7th ed. pp 435-438) for an explanation of diagrammatic legends.
ed Canvas project will be graded on:
o personal insight
o accuracy
o sentence and paragraph structure
o spelling
o scientific and analytical explanation and documentation
o quality of references
o overall comprehensive documentation

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