engl147 july 2020 quiz week 2 all new and grades 18/20

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Question 1
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Which of the following is a good method for getting started writing?
Sit down and spend some good time brainstorming for ideas that interest you within the parameters of your assignment.
Begin brainstorming for specific examples that support your specific focus
Both a and b
All of these are good ways to get started writing; we just want to perform pre-writing extensively before beginning to write our assignment.
None of the above
IncorrectQuestion 2
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Which of the following is not considered a pre-writing strategy?
Talking with others
Writing and fine-tuning your full introduction paragraph
You should not write a full paragraph of your essay until after you’ve done some planning.
Question 3
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The rhetorical situation in writing refers to all except:
Type of writing
The rhetorical situation includes your topic, purpose, audience, and writing situation.
Question 4
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Please choose the incorrect statement regarding the Toulmin Model of argument:
The “warrant” is your common ground with your audience, and you simply must have it. You cannot make a claim or build grounds for that claim unless you and your audience accept that some things are true.
The “claim” is your stance and is what you are wishing to convince your audience of. Anyone can make any claim, no matter how obvious or far-fetched; that’s the easy part.
The “qualifier” is where we make sure the reader understands that not agreeing with our stance means the reader’s beliefs are completely flawed and ridiculous.
The “rebuttal” is where we note opposing viewpoints, handle them with respect and concession, and refute them.
Qualifiers are words like “some” and “many,” and they make us sound more reasonable; we should not be disrespectful to the reader.
IncorrectQuestion 5
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Which of the following represents the purpose of an effective introduction paragraph for an argument essay?
Grounding your reader in your topic and in the debate while clearly asserting your stance.
Providing a factual overview of all of the current research; we should stick to only facts in the introduction and save our argumentative stance for later.
Making sure your reader understands that your position is best and that other positions are worthless.
Telling your reader what you are going to do and why, making sure to use only “I” and “me” as pronouns.
We want to give our reader enough background to understand that there is an issue and a debate while also making clear the stance the paper will argue.
Question 6
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Please choose the incorrect statement regarding Aristotle’s argumentative appeals:
“Kairos” refers to the climate of the times, to contexts like important current events and to the current state of human affairs and of human thought.
“Ethos” refers to authority or credibility, and we establish this through either being an expert ourselves or through using solid experts as our sources.
“Pathos” takes its meaning from words like “pathological.” It is how we prove that our opponents are lacking in mental stability.
“Logos” is logic. We use logos to make logical connections between established truths and/or solid sources and our own conclusions.
Pathos is actually an appeal to emotion and can be effective when used sparingly and appropriately.
Question 7
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Which of the following is not a scholarly source?
An article written by practicing nurses and published in a journal such as the Journal of Research in Nursing
An article from a weekly magazine such as New Scientist
A book written by authors with advanced medical degrees, published by an academic publisher and peer reviewed
An anthology (a book-length collection) of essays that have all been peer reviewed and published by degreed experts
Magazines, while often credible, are not scholarly.
IncorrectQuestion 8
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A poor example of an argument essay thesis is:
Although many feel that holistic medicine, while helpful, should not be the first choice in medical care, many holistic treatments can work as preventatives and can be a successful first option.
Valid concerns about the dangers of some holistic treatments deter the public from employing them; therefore, changes in policy surrounding some holistic treatments is necessary.
Holistic medicine is a broad category from which many types of specific treatments and sub-categories have emerged.
Holistic medicine has become far less demonized by medical experts in recent years; however, much still needs done to combat several primary misconceptions.
All but C are argumentative in nature; C is informative.
Question 9
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Which is not a good method for determining who your audience will be?
Your audience is simply your instructor, maybe your classmates if you have peer reviewing.
Consider the possible people your topic may impact.
Think about the audience for similar topics, such as people in the profession about which you are writing.
Consider the where, when, why, and how of your topic as related to your potential readers.
While your immediate readers may be your instructor and possibly classmates, we must imagine a particular audience that we are hypothetically writing to, an audience invested in the issue.
Question 10
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During the process of moving from a topic to a specific thesis for an argument essay, which of the following is not true?
You should brainstorm and pre-write to decide where you stand within the larger debate on the topic.
You should perform preliminary research to understand the scope of the larger debate on the topic.
You should work hard to find only sources that agree with you.
You should narrow your focus by exploring the Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why of your topic.
A, B, and D are true. However, you will want to find and employ sources with varying opinions.

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