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Post a based on an article, book, , podcast, or any other current (less than 4 years old) material relevant to the current unit’s key topic. You are encouraged to use the Park course library to find an article.  The article must support a business case for HR . Each student must post a question based on their article no later than Tuesday of each week in order to receive full points. If you miss the Tuesday deadline ten percent will be deducted from the final grade for the week. The Tuesday deadline enhances the area and others with an to comment on your posts. 
Each student must also respond (reply) to at least two other student’s posted , a student’s response to a question, or to instructor input.  Two peer responses are due each week.
All initial questions input must be accompanied by a summary of the selected article. There is no length requirement for the question. However, the question must be comprehensive (a summary analysis of the key article points followed by a question that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no response. The peer responses are required to be comprehensive and clearly state your reason for agreeing or disagreeing with in a professional manner. Peer responses are not just short responses like: “I agree.”  Peer responses must include data or other that makes an HR business case for the response (with at least one source for support).

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