Dynamic programming with MySQL and PHP

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This involves with and PHP (ch 18 and 19 Internet and world wide web 5th edition). The main activities you need to implement is to create a database connected web . In this project, you will do listing, deletion, and insertion to a table in a MySQL database. This link http://mycoursework.mywebcommunity.org/p3/ shows a solution for this project using Student table (also a video is attached) In your project, you will use another table of your choice.
Project Description: Choose a data table similar to Student table. You cannot use Student table for this project. The data table could be about anything you want, such as movie, book, , companies, song, cars, etc. Create this table in your MySQL database. You can use phpMyAdmin or your can use MySQL command. The data table will have at least 10 rows, and 5 columns. Note that my example of Student has 14 rows, and 6 columns.
Second step is implementations of the web applications in five steps:
#1 Implement a html page as index.html. This is main (landing) page listing all four operations (list, list with condition, search, insert).
about search box (#4): This is a form action without new line. The form action method is POST.
Hint: <form action=”stuSearch.php” method=”post” style=”display: inline;”>
#2 This is first link of index.html to list your data in a different .php page. You should list at least three column of the table. The data will be shown in html table. I listed SID, Fname, Lname in Student example in a table (<table> </table>). Also, you should have “Delete” link to delete a row. This delete method should be implemented as “GET” method.
Hint: <a href=”do_delete.php?sid=’, $row[“SID”], ‘”>Delete</a>
After listing all record, give a message saying how many records found in the data table, such as “14 student(s) records found.”
#3 Implement a .php page to demonstrate a conditional listing, such as Student from TX. You may choose any condition on your data, such as customers in Canada, products more expensive than $10, movies produced in 2010, etc.
#4 Implement a search box as a list item as demonstrated in video.
#5 Implement a .html / .php combination to insert new record to data table. The html (data collection) page should mandate at least there fields, as demonstrated in the video
Hint: HTML 5 support required keyword, such as  <input name=”sid” type=”text” required >
All sub-pages should include a link to main / landing page.
Please use the link given above as a Other Article:. And give me all project files (html, css, php),

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