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In a word document, please answer the following questions in a with details and examples from your work this term.  Take your time and focus on critical thinking. This final requires you to a essay and use examples as necessary to support your point.  Please include your name, class title, and the date in the top left corner of the word document.
Format: Double Space, use 12pt font, and 1 inch margins (there will be a major point deduction if this component is not used).
1. Write an introduction in which you discuss what you expected and what you believed you brought to the course.
3. Discuss your critical reaction to writing the Narrative.  What did this help you learn as a writer, how, and why?  Use details and examples from your writing.
4.  Reflect on the process and discuss what you did to find a topic and how you then found resources through Galileo.  What worked well for you during the process and why did it work?  What would you hope to do better?
5. Now, consider the final researched project.  How do you believe you did as a writer conveying your argument and supporting that argument with research?  What would you like to improve, how, and why?
6. Consider the entire semester, characterize your learning.  What do you believe you learned during the semester about yourself as a writer, researcher, thinker and student?  What would you tell others who plan to take an online writing course?
Note.  If there is anything else you believe I need to know, please write me a note and provide that information.
Be as specific as possible and remember the process we have learned this term:
1. Brainstorm
2. Draft
4. Edit
5. Finalize
Make sure to read the instructions on where to submit your final exam (major deduction of points if this component is not properly executed).   

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