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type – Case – 2000 + 10%-word report – AssessmentValue – 30%Due date: Saturday 12 pm.Topic; Macro environmental analysis (PESTEL, G& D) on Marc and Spencer. Industry analysis (life cycle stage of the industry, Porter’s 5 forces analysis). Company analysis (resources- based model, VRIO Framework). Competitor analysis of Marc and Spencer.Task details: Students are to compare the organisations strategic practices and outcomes against current research in the area and evaluate how closely the organisation’s experience fits with the theory. Students are to develop their analysis and findings into a professionally presented report. References -8 (Harvard Anglia) Callibri 11 font or Times New RomanTable of content:Executive Summary – 150 words1.0 Introduction-What is strategy?-Describe aim of your report2.0 Company Background3.0 Industry Analysis3.1 Porters Five Forces – Industry Analysis-Trends-Data4.0 Macroenvironmental Analysis (PESTEL)4.1 ILC5.0 Internal Analysis (Company)5.1 VIRO5.2 Resources5.3 Capabilities5.4 Competencies6.0 Competitor Analysis7.0 Strategic Analysis7.1 Corporate Level7.2 Level7.3 Comment on current strategy, is good/bad…etc.8.0 Recommendation8.18.29.0 Conclusion10. References

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