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BPP Coursework Cover Sheet
Please use the table below as your cover sheet for the 1st page of the submission. The sheet should
be before the cover/title page of your submission.
MSc Management with Streams
Module name
Operations Management and Service Excellence
Schedule Term
Student Reference Number (SRN)
Report/Assignment Title
Date of Submission
(Please attach the confirmation of any
extension received)
Declaration of Original Work:
I hereby declare that I have read and understood BPP’s regulations on plagiarism and that this is my
original work, researched, undertaken, completed and submitted in accordance with the requirements
of BPP School of Business and Technology.
The word count, excluding contents table, bibliography and appendices, is ___ words.
Student Reference Number: Date:
By submitting this coursework you agree to all rules and regulations of BPP regarding assessments
and awards for programmes. Please note, submission is your declaration you are fit to sit.
BPP University reserves the right to use all submitted work for educational purposes and may
request that work be published for a wider audience.
BPP School of Business and Technology
MSc Management with Streams
Operations Managemgent and Service
Coursework Assessment Brief
Submission deadline: 23:59 PM on 28th April 2020
Submission mode: Turnitin online access
1. General Assessment Guidance

Your summative assessment for this module is made up of this written report based on the
operations of Starbucks and accounts for 100% of the marks
The deadline for submission is 23.59 PM on 28th April, 2020. Please note late submissions will
not be marked.
You are required to submit all elements of your assessment via Turnitin online access. Only
submissions made via the specified mode will be accepted and hard copies or any other digital
form of submissions (like via email or pen drive etc.) will not be accepted.
For coursework, the submission word limit is 3500 words. You must comply with the word count

guidelines. You may submit LESS than 3500 words but not more. Word Count guidelines can be
found on your programme home page and the coursework submission page.

Do not put your name or contact details anywhere on your submission. You should only put your
student registration number (SRN) which will ensure your submission is recognised in the marking
A total of 100 marks are available for this module assessment, and you are required to achieve
minimum 50% to pass this module.
You are required to use only Harvard Referencing System in your submission. Any content which

is already published by other author(s) and is not referenced will be considered as a case of
You can find further information on Harvard Referencing in the online library on the VLE. You can
use the following link to access this information: http://bpp.libguides.com/Home/StudySupport

BPP University has a strict policy regarding authenticity of assessments. In proven instances of
plagiarism or collusion, severe punishment will be imposed on offenders. You are advised to read
the rules and regulations regarding plagiarism and collusion in the GARs and MOPP which are
available on VLE in the Academic registry section.

You should include a completed copy of the Assignment Cover sheet. Any submission without this
completed Assignment Cover sheet may be considered invalid and not marked.
2. Assessment Brief
Starbucks operates globally serving millions of customers on a daily basis. The company
operates internationally with more than 30,000 retail stores in 80 countries1. Its global
operations depend on the service provided through a number of international partners, and
in particular a worldwide network of franchises and licensed Starbucks cafes. This allows for
local responsiveness through a degree of decentralised decision-making, while providing the
advantage of operational efficiencies by leveraging global standards and core competencies.
This assessment is based on the operations of Starbucks and requires you to consider both
global and local aspects of its operations. Your submission is in the form of a report in two
parts, A and B.
PART A (Max. 1500 words, 40 Marks)
Using Starbucks as the main case, and drawing on information within the public domain and
your own observations, complete a:
(1) Four Vs analysis,
(2) Performance Objectives Analysis and
(3) Design Analysis
comparing the operations of Starbucks to that of Greggs2, the largest bakery chain in the
United Kingdom. You will recall from lecture and seminar activities, that the true power of
these analysis lies in comparative analysis. In completing the analyses (1)-(3), you may draw
on information obtained through direct observation, or within the public domain. As a point
of convenience, both companies have operations within close proximity of the BPP University
Shepherds Bush campus. Starbucks has a licensed store located at 62 Uxbridge Road,
Shepherds Bush, London, ENG W12 8LP, while Greggs is located a few feet away at 68
Uxbridge Rd, Shepherd’s Bush, London W12 8LP (See Figure 1).
Important: while you are encouraged to visit the stores above to observe the operations in
person, you should not question or interview staff. Information gained from your own
observations, and available in the public domain are sufficient to complete the assessment.
Hint: In this part of the assessment you will have to agree your unit of analysis, for example,
global or specific store level.
1 Starbucks website: www.starbucks.com
2 Greggs: https://www.greggs.co.uk/
Figure 1. Location of Starbucks Café and Greggs Store (Source: Google.com)
Part A of the report should have the following sections. For each section a general word guide
is provided and the maximum marks available. A further breakdown of these marks can be
found in Section 3, under the marking guide.
Comparative Four Vs Analysis (Approx. 525 words, 14 Marks)
Carry out a four Vs comparison of Starbucks and Greggs. In doing so, create a Four Vs profile
of both operations, and briefly explain each aspect of the two profiles. Explain why you
think the profiles look the way they do, and the differences (if any) between the profiles of
the two operations. In doing so, remember to justify and where possible evidence all
arguments put forward.
Comparative Performance Objectives Analysis (Approx. 600 words, 16 Marks)
Compare the current operations performance of Starbucks café operations to those of
Greggs. Map on a polar diagram the current performance of both operations. You must
explain what the various operations performance objectives mean, and justify based on the
use of evidence, your comparisons. Your discussion should consider whether the markets
for Starbucks and Greggs are different, and to what extent this affects the importance of
each operations objectives.
Design analysis (Approx. 375 words, 10 Marks)
On the basis of the previous analysis, how have the Four-Vs and Performance Profile of the
two operations influenced (1) the design of the customer service process, and (2) store
layout, at a typical store? I say typical, because both Starbucks and Greggs have multiple
store locations. In your response, explain how process and layout design decisions allow
the operation to cope with core operations characteristics (Four Vs), and how these design
decisions are affected by performance and performance trade-offs.
PART B (Max. 2000 words, 60 Marks)
Using the case of Starbucks as well as a minimum of eight (8) published journal articles, and
secondary sources such as company reports, produce PART B of the report. This part of the
report requires you to critically discuss the role of ONE of the following five key areas of
operations management in the success of Starbucks:

Supply chain management
Insourcing and outsourcing
Planning and control
Quality management
Process improvement
As a detailed guide to this part of the report, you must consider in one way or another, the
1. Overview (Approx. 150 words, 5 Marks). Introduce the operational area and its scope
within the operations of Starbucks. For example, if you choose, “Supply chain
management”, discuss to what extent the operations of Starbuck are shaped and
influenced by management of its supply chain, and its contribution to organisational
2. Starbucks global operations strategy and surrounding macro-environment (Approx. 350
words, 10 Marks)
Discuss how this operations area is affected by, and enables Starbucks to respond to the
wider macro- and business-environment. As part of this discussion, explain the global
operations strategy adopted by Starbucks and consider how this area supports that
strategy. Ensure that you clearly explain and justify your understanding of Starbucks’
global operations strategy.
3. Key requirements, capabilities and challenges (Approx. 350 words, 10 Marks)
Describe the key operations requirements and challenges faced by Starbucks in achieving
excellence in the chosen area of operations. Requirements should relate to the day to day
needs of the operation, and consider what is required for the effective functioning of that
are of Starbucks’ operations. Discuss the capabilities of Starbuck in this operations area,
for example, the people, systems and infrastructure. Finally, discuss at least two (2)
specific challenges/problems faced as a result of realising these requirements.
For example, if quality management is chosen, then a requirement may be maintaining
high levels of product and service quality. A challenge may be responding to changing
customer needs or the impact of technology on service quality delivery.
4. Analysis and evaluation of chosen operational area (Approx. 650 words, 20 Marks)
Discuss the management of resources within this operations area of Starbucks, and how
it impacts the organisations operations performance. Examine and evaluate how the
organization manages its resources within these areas to fulfil the requirements above,
and how it responds to the challenges/problems identified. In your discussion, you should
draw on theory, concepts and tools within this operational area and examples from
For example, if ‘Planning and control’ is chosen, you are expected to discuss how
Starbucks manages one or more areas of its planning and control activities and the impact
on Starbucks’ operations. In this case relevant theory may relate to loading, sequencing
or scheduling of Starbucks’ activities.
5. Recommendations (Approx. 350 words, 10 Marks)
What recommendations would you make about how to improve this aspect of Starbucks
operations? Identify 2 to 3 improvements based on the analysis in the previous sections,
that is, there should be a clear link between the previous discussion of
challenges/problems, and the described improvements.
6. Conclusions (Approx. 150 words, 5 Marks)
Conclude your report by summarizing the work done, the main findings and
recommendations for improvement.
Important: Your PART B report should strive for a good balance between theory and practice
in discussing the case of Starbucks, and to be concise in the presentation of the case. It is
crucial that you use evidence from Starbucks throughout your report.
3. Marking Guide
Maximum mark
1. Comparative Four Vs Analysis
a. Four Vs profile diagram
b. Definition of each of the Four Vs in the context
of the operations
c. Explanation of each profile and discussion of
d. Use of appropriate evidence and/or further
2. Comparative Performance Objectives Analysis
a. Performance map (Polar diagram)
b. Definition of each operations performance
objective in the context of the operations
c. Explanation of each operations performance
and discussion of differences across the five
d. Use of appropriate evidence and/or further
3. Design Analysis
a. Impact on design of customer service process
b. Impact on design of store layout and flow
This table below details the weightings of the various sections of the PART B report and the
basis on which your work will be assessed.
Maximum mark
1. Overview
a. Introduction of operations area
b. Scope of operations area
c. Linking operations area to Starbucks
2. The global operations strategy and macro
a. Explanation of Starbucks’ global operations
b. The role of the chosen operations area in the
global operations strategy
c. The influence of the macro- and business
3. Key requirements, capabilities and challenges
a. Discussion of key requirements and capabilities
b. Discussion of challenges/problems
4. Analysis and evaluation of chosen operations area
a. Evaluation of management of resources and
capabilities in the chosen area.
b. Impact on operations performance in the
chosen area
c. Response to challenges/problems
d. Use of appropriate theory or concepts
5. Recommendations
a. Description of recommendations
b. Justification for recommendations with links to
6. Conclusions
End of Assessment

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