paper 07/25

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APA format is required – USE THE APA TEMPLATE.
Each question must be addressed in your . Use an in-text heading to identify each question (Do not restate the question as the heading-use a topic heading instead). Each question must also be supported with appropriate APA-formatted citations that match full references at the end of the . Each section should be at least 2-3 paragraphs in length.
The readings for this week discuss business processes and technology tools that can be used to help manage them effectively. Review the article below, and address the questions in your paper:
Williams, C. (2019). The importance of IT process : White paper. Retrieved from
Discuss how your organization may evaluate or approach IT operations as a process
Identify and discuss 2-3 challenges your organization may be experiencing due to current IT processes
and discuss 2 different Business Process Management in the market today which may be of benefit to your organization in addressing the challenges identified in question 2
Conclude with recommendations for your organization based on your research

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