Project Metrics – 2 pages

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The company is Netflix, please also use the attached SWOT analysis to create

Now that you’ve identified the organization’s SWOT, you need to determine the project and its objectives and metrics. This project should be on an unmet opportunity for the organization, or to minimize a potential threat. What does the organization need to do to advance its goals and/or expand its competitive advantage? How will you measure their progress? 
Complete the following: 
Explain why this opportunity/threat was selected, and how it is anticipated to benefit the organization. 
Create at least 3 measurable project objectives based on your analyses. Determine timelines and responsibilities for each objective.
Explain why these objectives are appropriate for the project. 
at least 2 metrics to evaluate achievement of each of the project objectives. Metrics must have a quantifiable target.
a 1-page explanation for why these are appropriate metrics for each of the objectives. 

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