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A powerful stroke of insight
Learning, memory, lateralization, amnesia, smart drugs… These are all terms used throughout this module.  This TED Talk focuses on cerebral lateralization and what it means for our every day life.  This TED Talk is from 2008, but just because it’s not “new” doesn’t mean it’s not powerful and informative.
It wasn’t long ago that scientists believed that the brain functioned as a whole to complete every mental and psychical task. Now understands brain lateralization in terms of the two halves of the brain are not exactly alike. It is perplexing to realize that as one side of the brain may be working on understanding language the other side might be working on a math problem. This also means that each hemisphere has functional specializations and that some function with neural mechanisms that are localized primarily in one half of the brain. Let’s examine this further. By the end of this activity, you will be able to comment on an article on lateralization. In addition, you will address ways lateralization impact our language .
Watch the TED Talk Jill Bolte Taylor – A powerful stroke of insight (Links to an external site.). [Vidoe file, 18:19 mins].  Retrieved from: (Links to an external site.)
React to the video by commenting on the following:
What did this TED Talk make you ?
Prior to watching this TED Talk, what were your preconceptions about cerebral lateralization of function? What did it mean for you?
In your writing, explain what does lateralized means, and what effect lateralization has on behavior.  Give some examples from daily life.
Consult Discussion Criteria and the Discussion Posting Guide for information about writing your discussion posts. This is a “post first” discussion forum. You must submit your initial post before you can view other students’ posts.
Remember to properly cite and reference your sources in APA format!
This discussion will be graded using the discussion board rubric. Please review this rubric, located on the Rubrics page within the Start Here module of the course, prior to beginning your work to ensure your participation meets the criteria in place for this discussion. All discussions combined are worth 35% of your final course grade.
Keep the following points in mind when working in the discussion forums:
Postings should display originality in and insightful synthesis.
Postings should demonstrate understanding of key concepts.
Responses should be original and stimulate discussion.

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