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The purpose of the research paper is to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning after exploring a topic in-depth. It will help develop their academic writing abilities by improving paraphrasing, brainstorming, and academic resourcing. Building from the work done for the decision brief, students will complete a 10-15 page paper (not including cover & reference pages). Students will include information from academic and military sources such as articles, books, dictionaries or encyclopedias, news, doctrinal publications, and current events.
DUE Week 9.1 at 0730
What is a research paper?
It is an extended essay.
It should have a thesis, not a subject. In other words, a clear point of view.
It consists of sources that directly support your thesis.
It has citations at the end of the paper to show that you are not plagiarizing.
It has a clear focus. For example, if your topic is forced migration, narrow your topic to ‘internally displaced people in Ethiopian territory.’
It has an arguable thesis statement. It should not be a fact or a statement.
It is a unified paper focused on the thesis. It does not stray away from the purpose.
It is organized around the most significant points, in your opinion.
It has summarized and paraphrased ideas and facts from multiple sources. (Write these ideas and facts in your own way!)

Prewriting Questions
What is the purpose of my writing about the issue?
Now that I have collected input from my classmate’s questions during the decision briefing, what else do I need to research in-depth?
How can I convince the reader that the issue needs solving?
Do I need to propose an additional solution or change my proposed solution from the decision brief?
What would be required to implement this solution?
How will the situation change if my solution is implemented?
What statistics or expert knowledge can I include as convincing facts?
Questions to consider while writing
Have I completed a proper outline for my research paper? (Is my argument divided into sub-arguments?)
Is there enough historical background in the paper?
Does my thesis indicate a direction for my reader?
Questions to consider during editing
Does the argument make sense from start to finish?
Does the conclusion clearly restate the thesis?
Do I have proper transitions between paragraphs?
Technical writing elements to keep in mind:
Pay attention to your use of grammar and syntax, and strive for a mix of sentence types (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex).
When possible, use self and/or peer review before you submit this to your instructor.
Get your ideas down in a rough draft. Read it over and revise. Do not expect to complete your paper all at once.
Formatting in Turabian/Chicago Style :
Choose a standard font like 12-point, Times New Roman
Double-space the text
Indent the first line of each new paragraph (half an inch)
Use 1-inch margins
Place the page numbers at the bottom right
Title Page: Your title page should be written in the same font as your text. It should be center-aligned and double-spaced. It should not have a page number and should be included in the page count.
Citations: For in-text citations and notes, please refer to The Chicago Manual of Style and seek your instructor for more guidance.

The following Reading Enabling Objectives are practiced:
1.1.1 Can analyze explicit details, arguments, ideas, and opinions and recognize some inferences in linguistically complex academic and military texts ≥ 60% of the time
The following Writing Enabling Objectives are practiced:
1.4.1 Can use high-frequency and some mid-frequency vocabulary and complex structures with elaboration and cohesion in writing ≥ 60% of the time
1.4.2 Can improve ideas, organization, grammar, style, and mechanics, with some improvement of voice, diction, and conventions while editing a linguistically complex text ≥ 60% of the time
The following Intercultural Effectiveness Enabling Objectives are practiced:
2.1.1 Can demonstrate a thorough understanding of core aspects of the values and beliefs, social communication styles, history, politics, diplomacy, economics and military practices that are important to members of another culture ≥ 60% of the time
The following Procedural and Technical Skills Enabling Objectives are practiced:
3.1.1 Can use software (i.e., LMS, word processing, presentations, reference management, annotations, internet browsing, plagiarism detection, and email correspondence) to meet course expectations for communication and coursework, ≥ 60% of the time, independently with minimal guidance and direction
3.1.2 Can research academic and military topics, including the use of academic databases, basic boolean queries, and citations that are faithful to source material, independently with minimal guidance and direction ≥ 60% of the time
3.1.3 Can take effective notes (i.e., Cornell notes) on an unfamiliar topic while reading a complex and unfamiliar text or while listening to a linguistically complex presentation or lecture, independently with minimal guidance and direction ≥ 60% of the time

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