SCTECH PSYC1101 Module Five Quiz: Test (Chapter 11 & 12)

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Question 1
According to Carl Jung, which of the following best served the goal of self-realization?  
ability of the extrovert to become an introvert in the second half of life                
ability of the introvert to become an extrovert in the second half of life
balance between extroversion and introversion              
moving past the archetypes of the collective unconscious
Question 2
Ina can no longer read the street signs, but she refuses to admit she needs glasses to drive. Which defense mechanism does this exemplify?     
Question 3
Carl Jung referred to the ________ as the mask we adopt.                        
ideal self                             
Question 4
Karen Horney described three coping styles when dealing with anxiety. Which of the following is not one of them?        
moving against people 
moving away from people          
moving people 
moving with people
Question 5
Henry is juror number four in a murder trial. He believes the accused is guilty, but when the jurors vote it becomes clear he is the only one that thinks this way. Henry votes not guilty along with the other jurors despite what he sees as evidence clearly indicating guilt. This is an example of the ________ effect.                           
Question 6
Fatima generalizes that all men are irresponsible players, cheaters, and liars. When it comes to men, Fatima may be applying ________: negative beliefs about individuals based solely on their membership in a group.                     
cognitive dissonance     
diffusion of responsibility            
Question 7
Tammy has a positive view of challenges: She views them as tasks to be mastered. She develops a deep interest in and a strong commitment to becoming a good teacher. When she doesn’t pass her first teaching praxis, she quickly recovers and works to overcome the setback. Albert Bandura would say Tammy has ________.         
healthy cognitive processes       
high self-efficacy             
low self-efficacy                              
moderate reciprocal determinism
Question 8
Which of the following is an example of a self-serving bias?        
attributes earning a good grade in his class to the fact that he is an exceptionally hard working student who is also incredibly smart. He blames the poor grade he received in his sociology class on having a bad teacher who gave hard exams.
gets a bad grade in his psychology class and a good grade in his sociology class, so he believes he should harder to prepare for his next psychology exam. 
Leonard gets bad grades in sociology and psychology, so he switches his major to biology because he will like it more.   
Leonard gets good grades in sociology and psychology, so he sends his professors a card thanking them for what good professors they are.
Question 9
What is a social role?                     
group’s expectations regarding what is appropriate and acceptable for the thoughts and behavior of its members
group’s knowledge about the sequence of events in a specific setting
person’s knowledge about the sequence of events in a specific setting
socially defined pattern of behavior that is expected of a person in a given setting or group
Question 10
When it comes to relationships, we expect to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a mutual exchange called ________.

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