63871 – a) Describe the global sport and recreation business

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Assignment Details:
a) Describe the global sport and recreation business environment.b) Apply management and business planning tools to the sports industry.c) Understand and explain risk in a sport business context.d) Identify social and ethical issues that can influence the sports business community.You are required to create a new sport or modify an existing sport for a new market. This could be individual or team-based. You should write from the perspective of the new Governing Body and outline the sport you have designed, including but not limited to:? Introduction to the sport – name, brief concept, season, or time of year? The target market – who will play this new sport?? Mission and/or Vision Statement – what is the purpose of this new sport?Goals and SMART Objectives – how will you establish this sport in the next 3-5 years?? SWOT Analysis – table format with a minimum of five factors in each of the four segments? Risk Matrix Table – potential risks and strategies to minimize them ? Proposed Rules including scoring and how to win ? Equipment and Uniforms required to play and to minimize risks? Proposed Competition for the first year including – how many games (team sports) or events (individual sports) in the first year?? Conclusion – convince the reader that this sport has a future. Use appropriate referencing to acknowledge all sources utilized in your report. It is expected that you will draw heavily on your learning from Modules 1, 2, and 3 in this subject to complete your paper.

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