Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management
Final Exam Part I
Case Study due April 17 2020
Read and respond to the following case study.
Human Resource Management
• • •
Company Information
Meheden Manor Inc. is a holding company that deals in business
related to land and real estate. There are three divisions of the
company. These divisions are as follows:
1. Residential real estate division that purchases and then rents
property to residential tenants.
2. Renovation division that manages and completes renovations on
properties that are either to be rented or resold.
3. Commercial real estate division that purchases and then rents
property to commercial tenants.
Employee Information
Meheden Manor started as a single owner and has grown to employ
22 people in various capacities. The major categories of work are
office staff (5), skilled and semi-skilled trades (11), and grounds
keepers (6).
As the company has grown there has been an increase in conflict
amongst the employees. Whereas previously employees were willing
to step in and do whatever needed to be done, the culture of the
company has been eroded to the point where work is either not
getting done or is being done poorly. Tenant complaints are on the
rise and renovation projects are far exceeding timelines and
The owner of the company has hired you to help get the business
back on track. The owner realizes they have not done a good job of
growing their business and that more structure and guidance is
needed if the company is to remain successful. The owner feels the
biggest problems come from the employees and they would like you
to help sort out the human resource practices, policies, and systems.
Final Exam Part I
Case Study due April 17 2020
Human Resource Management
You are welcome to
use resources to
respond to the case.
You must submit a
case that is individual.
If your case is too
similar to another
student, neither case
submission will be
Cite all references
properly using APA
format. There is a
guide on Canvas
under the Library
Resources tab.
A marking rubric is on
Academic Guidelines
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Human Resource Management
• • •
Owner Actions
On your advice the owner has surveyed all the employees to gather their perspective on what
is going wrong. The employee comments were as follows:
• I have no idea who is in charge. I get all kinds of conflicting directions and when I do it one
way for one person, the other person yells at me.
• I work on a crew with three other guys. Two of them do nothing and yet we all get paid the
same. It’s not fair.
• Every day is a surprise. I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing from one minute to the
• Sometimes the phone is ringing off the wall and I can’t find anyone to help me. We have
five people in this office but I don’t know where they all disappear to when there is work to
be done.
• The owner used to be around a lot and tell me what a good job I was doing. Now the only
time I see them is when I am in trouble.
• We all started out together as a team. Since more people have been added to the crew
we have guys that always want to be boss. They don’t have any official title but they sure
like to tell me what to do.
• It’s really frustrating to work hard and not have anyone notice. It’s like it doesn’t matter if I
do a good job or not.
• Our crew received fines from OHS for now wearing steel toed boots on the job site. I think
the company should buy me boots!
• I was hired to do the payroll. I feel sorry for the honest people around here. I know some of
these people don’t work the hours they say they do.
• I have worked here for three years. I found out the new guy is getting paid exactly the same
as me. So much for company loyalty.
• We got these new lawn tractors that nobody can use because the driver backed the trailer
into a post and now we have no trailer to move them to site. I told them that guy shouldn’t
be driving a trailer without a class 3 license. Nobody listens to me and now I have to push a
lawnmower all day.
• Us trades guys have to stick together but that’s hard to do when we all do pretty much the
same work but get paid so differently. I found out Joe makes $18 an hour more than me.
Sure, he’s a journey certified carpenter and I’m only an apprentice, but that’s a lot of
• I’ve been a loyal employee for five years but every time they need a new manager they
hire someone from outside. I don’t know why nobody asks me. I’d like to do that job.
• It seems like all the new hires are people who are friends of the bosses.
• Last week I got yelled at for hanging up on someone from the bank. Maybe someone
should show me how to use this fancy phone system instead of just sticking me at the desk.
Human Resource Management
• • •
Owner Comments
We have a pretty loose structure around here. I expect people to do a good job but it seems
that left to their own, that’s not what happens. I used to leave the office and go around to visit
all the workers on site, but now with so many different sites, I can’t do that so much. I am tired
of all the problems so I tend to just go to sites where everyone gets along and is doing good
work. It’s getting harder to find a site where that’s the case!
I really think the problem is the people. These are mostly good people and I really think what
they need is some structure and some guidance. I don’t know what to do first. There are so
many things to tackle I feel overwhelmed.
What I need from you is a plan. I’m not good at managing conflict, but I feel that if I had a
plan, I could follow it and get some changes in place.
Your Assignment
Diagnose the problem (max 300 words).
Develop a plan.
• The plan should be presented in the order in which events and activities need to be
• Each step of the plan should have a brief explanation that would inform the owner on the
value. In other words, why is this step important?
• Your plan needs to be succinct. It should have a minimum of six steps and a maximum of
ten steps.
• Your plan should not require spending money on salaries or bonuses.
• Your plan should focus on human resource concepts and can include other business

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