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Assignment Details:
Assessment OverviewAssessment Group/ individual Learning outcomes Grading indicator Min Score Weight Length/ duration Due Professional accreditation1. Essay Individual 2 Graded N/A 30% 1500 words 07 Aug 2020 5:00 PM N/A2. Case study Individual 2 Graded N/A 30% 1500 words 04 Sep 2020 5:00 PM N/A3. Exam: dosed book Individual 1,3 Graded N/A 40% 120 mins Exam Period N/AAssessment 1 – Essay 30% (Due 7 August by 5pm)Write a 1500 word essay in which you analyse the spatial and functionality operational requirements for the three different conference and exhibition scenarios outlined below:1. A smaU conference with workshops and forurns: 100-200 delegates. 10 e/h:bitors.conducted over two days.2. A medium sized conference conducted over 3 days with opening plenary sess on and 6 to 8 concurrent sessions each day: and social networking activities: 600-* 500 delegates. 50 exhibitors.3. A major ntemavonal 5 day conference with p enary and concurrent sess ons and sc,r 3 network ng activ1 es each day, closing gala dinner and award ceremor es: 3500- 5000 de e gates, 400 exhibitors.Amtnimum of 4 ac-aden- c m’c’cmci shou d be cited n your essay

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