a research proposal with literature review

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This is a capstone (dissertation) project for the end of the course. It must be in the form of a research proposal with literature review, methodology, interview questions. You should say why you chose this methodology, and how expect it to answer your research question/ fulfill your objectives. Why is it likely to be better than other possible methods? Include: reliability, validity, generalizability, ethical problems, limitations In appendix put a sample of your research questions or survey Sample: Who are you going to get the data from and why Locality: Where and why Analysis: How to you propose to analyze your data and why Then you need to discuss reliability, validity, generalizability. Please see in research books what they are show that you know and then state what your research is and why Ethics why is it important in research and what the implications are for your research Limitations of your research Including Primary and Secondary Research data. As for conclusion you also must give recommendations and solutions to the problem of the essay, which is “interdepartmental communications in HOTELS”.

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