54804 – Assessment Task 1a: Group Presentation of a Humanities

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Assessment Task 1a: Group Presentation of a Humanities Artefact (1,000 words or equiv. • Group of 4 Maximum 6. (8 -10 minutes’ duration)1.2. PowerPoint file to be retrieved from PebblePad by assessor andmarkedwithinPebblePad20% 2, 311.55pm, Friday 20th AprilSubmission DetailsThe group presentation is to be uploaded as a narrated PowerPoint submission. Duration:8-10 minutes.The presentation file is to be uploaded once per group.Campus-specific Assessment Task 1a PebblePadWorkbook: groupto collaborateonPebblePadWorkbook- narratedPowerPoint uploaded to this Workbook);Grading Criteria and FeedbackMarks and feedback will be returned through the submission, within three (3) weeks of submission for assessment. Feedback will be in the form of an electronic descriptive rubric sheet.Assessment criteria:1. Explanation of the rationale for an inclusive and engagingresource/artefactforHumanitiesteaching2. Appropriateandjustifiedcurriculumarticulationandcross-curricular connections, demonstratingknowledgeoftheHumanities discipline and curriculumknowledge3. Demonstration of inclusive and engaging teaching and learningstrategiesutilisingtheresource/artefact4. Explicit and effective strategies for teaching students ofvaryingabilitiesandcharacteristics5. Demonstrated knowledgeof effectivesequencing ofteaching and learning, andofsequencingofresource/artefact withinbroader unit plans6. Justification of claims and ideas using curriculum and researchliteratureClarity of ideas; preparation and organisation of work.Description of Taskdisciplinary and inclusive Humanities Inquiry Unit.selected Humanities topic. TheStudents will receive a group mark and grade for this assessment task. PleaseSteps to completion:topic you may discuss this withminutes’ duration.1. 2. 3.The• •of 8 -10Thegroup is to locate or adapt an engaging, student-centred, artefact for launching the teaching and learning of theselectedtopic. ThegroupmustrecordtheirHumanitiesartefactpresentationasanarratedPowerPointinasuitableformatinlinewithdurationrequirements.artefact tied to the overview unit must be suitable for linking with all of the following: at least ONE other curriculum area (e.g. Visual Arts, English, Science),andONE of the cross-curricular prioritiesThe group must describe an overview of the related HumanitiesUnit.The presentation should demonstrate how to engage a primary school class for agroup is to select an issue – social, political, economic or environmental. If you are unsure about youryour tutor for clarification. The group presentation is to be uploaded as an electronic submissionartefact and the presentation are to be interactive and might involve a resource (such as a song, film, image, text, venue or speaker) The responsibilities of the group are to be equally demonstrated and include:Theor a strategy (such as a game, thinking tools, key question or brainstorming) that the group has determined would be useful for launching a primary-level Humanities Lesson Sequence.• the ways in which the unit would be introduced to thestudents;• thereasons why the artefact (resourceorstrategy) was chosen(group is to providea well-articulated rationaleand potential for engagement);• thepotential connections between theunit with other curriculum areas eg Visual Arts, Science• Reference to suitable excursions, incursions, and/or field trips within the broader teaching andlearningsequence.So for our topic we decided to do a boomerang as our artefactI need only one slide about 3minmy part isthis ,Suggest a teaching strategy (such as a game, thinking tool, key questioning or brainstorm using a graphic organizer) to launch the inquiry and how the strategy would inform you of student prior knowledge and lead into new learning experiences. Justifywith reference to relevant educational theory

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