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A SSESSMENT 2 BRIEFMKTG6002/MKT600 MarketingSubject Code and TitleAssessment Assessment 2: Marketing PlanIndividual/Group IndividualLength 3000 words (+/- 10% excluding cover page, reference etc).Learning Outcomes This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:a) Critically evaluate underpinning marketing theories and principles and appropriate research process to collect, store and use of data to generate customer insights;b) Critically evaluate customer needs to create value for customers by deploying the resources of the organisation in best possible ways;c) Critically evaluate the impact of an organisation’s marketing mix strategies on its stakeholders.Submission Due 23:59 (AEST/AEDT) on Friday by the end of Module 5 in Week 10Weighting 50%Total Marks 50 marksObjectives:• To enhance a clear understanding of the importance of marketing in modern business practices;• To develop a succinct understanding about marketing theories and their application in devising marketing strategies;• To critically analyse all relevant factors affecting the exchange process;•To enable developing insightful marketing strategies for a business.How the assessment fits into the subject/course:Marketing in the 21st century has evolved profoundly where developing winning marketing strategies has been integral to businesses of all types in order to achieve its strategic objectives. This assessment provides students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and insights developed in the marketing subject to develop effective marketing strategies for a business, a product or a brand. Students are required to develop a complete marketing plan for their chosen organisation’s product or the brand which they worked in the Assessment 1. The emphasis within this assessment should be placed on expanding various steps as recommended in the marketing plan template while the current marketing situation and threats and opportunities analysis to be briefly discussed by summarising the discussion from the assessment 1.MKTG6002/MKT600_Assessment2_Marketing Plan Page 1 of 7 Linkages between Assessments 1 and 2:This assessment is the continuation of the assessment 1. In assessment 1 students addressed two (i.e. current marketing situation and threats and opportunity analysis) out of the eight steps of a marketing plan. In this assessment students are required to develop a complete marketing plan for an organisation’s product or a brand of their choice. Since the assessment 1 and 2 are interrelated so students in any situation are not advised to change their organisation that they chose in the assessment one.Instructions:This assessment task builds on the Situation Analysis that you undertook in Assessment 1.This assessment task requires you to expand the remaining steps of the marketing plan to:• Articulate your learning about marketing theories, concepts and principles covered so far to demonstrate your level of understanding of them to develop a marketing plan;• Articulate the link between marketing theories and practices;• Demonstrate an acceptable level of research skills to reveal the insights;• Apply appropriate business report writing skills;• Demonstrate a logical flow and cohesiveness in the analysis and discussion.• Use the appropriate in text citation nd a reference list in your written work. You should provide at least 15 high quality marketing references to show quality of research. STRICTLY adhere to the APA style in referencing. Please see more information on referencing here: http://library.laureate.net.au/research_skills/referencingScenario:This assessment requires you to act like a consultant to help an organisation develop a winning marketing strategy that wants to introduce a new product or expand its business/markets.Tasks:This part of the assessment is a follow-up to the Situation Analysis that you provided in assessment one. Therefore, you need to revisit assessment 1 and the feedback from your facilitator. Then, develop a complete marketing plan for this assessment to:1. Develop a marketing plan – The aspects that you should include are:a. Identify objectives and issues as well as marketing logic to create customer value;b. Segmentation, targeting and positioning as well as marketing strategies (i.e., 4ps/7ps);c. Action programmes – how marketing strategies will be turned into specific actions that answer What will be done? When will be done? Who will do it? and How much will it cost (budget )? and controls.MKTG6002/MKT600_Assessment2_Marketing Plan Page 2 of 7To start this task.2. Outline the followings:a. Define clearly the value proposition of your chosen business, product or the brand;b. Critically evaluate the business’s situation (provide a summary of SWOT/TOWS analysis from the assessment 1 and suggest appropriate marketing mix strategies:c. Product – define the product attributes/features to reflect your value propositionsYou are advised to review the threes levels that are accompained with a product and discuss product line and mix strategies;d. Pricing – describe the pricing strategy (cost-based, value-based and competition) that you recommend to the senior management of the organisation and justify your choice;e. Distribution – outline the distribution strategies, you should discuss a specific distribution strategy (s) – intesive, selective and exclusive. You also need to discuss channel strategies (i.e., direct and/or indirect, channel levels – single vs. multiple);f. Promotion – outline the promotion strategies you would recommend (i.e., pull vs. push) . You also need to discuss promotional mix strategies (i.e., advertising, salesmanship, sale promotion, publicity and public relations) as well as media strategies. Please beware that your marketing strategies should be aligned with the value proposition as well as the organisation’s mission, vision and objectives. Submission Instructions:Submit your assignment via the Assessment two link in the main navigation menu in the Blackboard in MKT600 by the end of the Module 5 on Friday in week 10. Please review the TUA overdue policy described in page 3, that applies a 10% deduction/day up to five days and then 0, through the link copied below:https://learn-ap-southeast-2-prod-fleet01-xythos.s3-apsoutheast-2.amazonaws.com/5c07149a959f5/4332951?response-content-disposition=inline%3B% 20filename%2A%3DUTF-8%27%27TUA%2520PL_AC_004%2520Assessment%2520Policy%2520for% 2520Higher%2520Education%2520Coursework%2520and%2520ELICOS.pdf&response-contenttype=application%2Fpdf&X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Date=20190420T020849Z&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Expires=21600&X-Amz-Credential=AKIAIW5OVFIUOTV36DNA%2F20190420%2Fap-southeast-2%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Signature=43e06ce9d0c1a38ba5e189c2c7c1e7510afe6a62311985d4e454f15e8b9d1a63MKTG6002/MKT600_Assessment2_Marketing Plan Page 3 of 7Learning Rubric: Assessment 2Assessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable) 0-49% Pass Credit Distinction High Distinction(Functional) 50-64% (Proficient) (Advanced) 75 -84% (Exceptional)65-74% 85-100%Evaluation of information gathered to support the marketing plan10% Limited understanding of key concepts required to support discussionConfuses logic and emotion. Information taken from reliablesources but without a comprehensive analysis or synthesis.Viewpoints of experts are taken as fact with little questioning.Resembles a recall or summary of key ideas.Often conflates/confuses assertion of personal opinion with information substantiated by evidence from the research/course materials.Analysis and evaluation do not reflect expert judgement, intellectual independence, rigor and adaptability. Supports personal opinion and information substantiated by evidence from the research/course materials.Information is taken from 15+ with a demonstratablecapacity to explain and apply relevant concepts.Demonstrate logical flows throughout the discussion.Differentiaates between assertion of personal opinion and information substantiated by robust evidence from theResearch/course materials sources and extended reading.Information is taken from 20+ sources with a well- demonstrated capacity to explain and apply relevant concepts.Viewpoint of experts are subject to questioning.Analysis and evaluation reflect growing judgement, intellectual independence, rigor and adaptability. Systematically and critically discriminates between assertion of personal opinion and information substantiated by robust evidence from the research/course materials and extended reading.Information is taken from 30+ sources with a high level ofinterpretation/evaluation to develop a comprehensive critical analysis or synthesis.Identifies gaps in knowledge.Exhibits intellectual independence, rigor, goodjudgement and adaptability.Logical and CompellingReport Structure20% Report structure/format was not consistent withIndustry practices/standardsReport structure/format was professional and original and was adequately consistent with Industry practices/standards Report structure/format was professional, original and consistent with Industry practices/standardsReport structure/format was very professional, original and consistent with Industrypractices/standards Report structure/format was highly professional, original and consistent with Industry practices/standards.MKTG6002/MKT600_Assessment2_Marketing Plan PageMKTG6002/MKT600_Assessment2_Marketing Plan Page20% theories from the theories from the subject. theories from the theories from thesubject. subject. Description of at least subject. subject.Description of market Description of at least two market segments Description of at least Description of three orsegments not one market segments provided. three market segments more market segmentsprovided. provided. Some efforts to provided. provided.No efforts to Very little efforts to substantiate the target Target market has Target market has beensubstantiate the substantiate the target market. been substantiate. substantiatedtarget market. market. comprehensively.A good value proposition A well-stated valueValue proposition is A satisfactory value differentiating the proposition A sophisticated valuevague. proposition provided. business from the differentiating the propositioncompetitors. business from the differentiating theLittle or no A satisfactory competitors. business from thejustification of the justification of the A good justification of competitors.positioning strategy positioning strategy the positioning strategy A very goodreflecting little or no reflecting the links to reflecting the links to the justification of the Comprehensivelink to the entire the entire analysis. entire analysis. positioning strategy justification of theanalysis. reflecting the links to positioning strategyThe strategy for The strategy for the entire analysis. reflecting the links toThe strategy for competitive advantage competitive advantage is the entire analysis.competitive advantage is satisfactory. sensible. The strategy fordoesn’t make sense. competitive advantage The strategy foris sensible. competitive advantage is sensible and well argued.Limited synthesis and Demonstrated analysis Well-developed analysis Thoroughly developed and Highly sophisticated andCritically evaluates analysis. and synthesis of new and synthesis of new with creative analysis of new creative analysis of newthe impact of the with existing existing knowledge in with existing knowledge with existing knowledgeapplication of Strategy ideas knowledge in evaluating the application and synthesis in in evaluating theMKTG6002/MKT600_Assessment2_Marketing Plan Pagemarketing mix (the4Ps/7ps of marketing) to presented fail tohave a foundation in evaluating the application of of marketing mix to the target market. evaluating the application of marketing application of marketing mix to the target market.stakeholders the market analysis. marketing mix to the mix to the target market.30% target market. Presents interesting strategy ideas that have Presents and succinctly Presents and succinctly discussesPresents strategy ideas a good foundation in the discusses sensible & concise, sensible &Marketing mix that have a foundation market analysis. interesting strategy interesting strategyvariables have not in the market analysis. ideas that have a very ideas that have a solidbeen outlined good foundation in the foundation in theclearly. market analysis. market analysis.Marketing mix Marketing mix variablesvariables have been have been outlined. Marketing mixoutlined. However, However, they reflect Marketing mix variables reflect corethey do not reflect the unclear connection to variables reflect core marketing strategieslink to the core the core strategies. marketing strategies to to form one intactstrategies. form one intact strategy. strategy.Demonstrates limited Demonstrates adequate Demonstrates consistent Demonstrates an ConsistentlyFormulates effective awareness of context awareness of context awareness of context advanced and integrated demonstrates aand innovative and/or purpose of the and/or purpose of the and/or purpose of the understanding of context systematic and criticalrecommendations assignment and/or the assignment and/or the assignment and/or the and/or purpose of the understanding of contextthat are justifiable specific client’s need. specific client’s need. specific client’s need. assignment and/or the and purpose of thespecific client’s need. assignment and/or the20 % Fails to provide Provides standard, Provides good specific client’s need.recommendations that straightforward or recommendations that Provides advancedare reasonable and/or obvious reflect skilful analysis and recommendations Provides expertapplicable to the recommendations only. some original thinking. that reflect well recommendations thatorganisation. developed analysis reflect sophisticatedand original thinking. analysis, original thinking and creativity.MKTG6002/MKT600_Assessment2_Marketing Plan Page 7 of 7

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