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Extra-credit Write-ups Submission DirectionsExtra-credit will involve a write-up of a cultural event, e.g. a movie, play, lecture, etc. You cando write-ups on movies that are no longer in theaters. The write-up must include an analysis ofthe key philosophical issues presented in the event and their relation to material covered in class.In other words, you must address three points in your write-up:1) Provide a synopsis of the cultural event2) Clearly identify and discuss the philosophical issue addressed in the event, i.e., whatis the issue and how is it resolved?3) Clearly explain how any thinker we have discussed might address and resolve thephilosophical issue raised in the cultural event.This part of the write-up MUST be supported by textual evidence.Because this is a time-intensive assignment, I would suggest providing yourself ample time towork on it.Also, in order to assure that the cultural event you choose to analyze will be philosophicallyfruitful, I would strongly recommend communicating with me before taking the time to view orattend the event.Follow the directions below when submitting the assignment.1. The paper must be typed.2. Add the following statement at the bottom of the last page of your paper:I, your name, attest that the preceding pages were produced by me. I may haveconsulted other texts and individuals for support of my ideas and opinions, butthese pages are my interpretation of texts and facts. Where the words and ideasare not mine, I have clearly so indicated. I understand the university’s policy onacademic integrity.3. Place your name, date, and course and section numbers in the header of the paper on oneline.4. Make sure to save your paper with the following file name:[your last name] Extra-credit Write Up [number].Example: Bohorquez Extra-credit Write Up 2.Of course, change the number when submitting the 2nd write up.5. You must submit your paper in a format that is compatible withMicrosoft Word 2007. If I have difficulty reading your paper because ofthe format in which it was submitted, I will consider your paper as notsubmitted.6. Submit this as an attachment to Blackboard. I will not accept hard copies or e-mailsubmissions of your paper. Make sure that you know how to and can submit toBlackboard before the deadline.7. You must also have at least 3 relevant and explanatory quotes from theprimary texts with which we have worked.8. When referring to texts please use parenthetical or endnotes in MLA format. Makesure to use marginal pages, if possible. Right-click on the link for MLA formatinfo: MLA format.9. Make sure to include a Works Cited section or page.Please do as many movies as possible.

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