Translational Research And Population Health Management

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 I need each question answered in in 150 words each. Please include in-text citations and references should be in the last 3 – 5 years
1. Discuss how evidence-based practice is defined as . Describe the framework that supports that definition. Identify a issue you are interested in researching and discuss the issue using that framework. As you select an issue, remember you will be building upon your research in this course for your evidence-based practice in the next course. Think how you can focus your research now to help you complete your EBP project. 
Note: While you will only be proposing a solution and implementation plan in your EBP project, keep in mind EBP projects lay a foundation for doctoral research, since doctoral candidates have the opportunity to actually their projects. If you are interested in pursuing doctoral education, it is a good idea to an issue you be interested in pursuing in greater depth. The research and work you complete on your EBP project now can be used if you choose to move forward into doctoral education.
2. Identify at least one barrier that relates to challenges with population health. Consider how you could employ translational research to potentially overcome this barrier. Identify the best type of translational research to address this barrier, and provide rationale for the type you have chosen. What would be the challenges of using this type? What strategies would you employ to provide an understanding of your chosen type of translational research and to gather collaborative support? 

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