Unit 4 IP – The challenging concept of ensuring security

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Unit 4 IP
The of over the new IoT device and technology implementation at the corporation is now the next task which must be briefed and understood by management. Corporate sensitive information, personally identifiable information, financial records and more will be within the IoT sphere therefore a meeting is required to the infrastructure needed for effective IoT implementation. Management would like a 4-5 page paper put together bringing depth to the critical security concepts needed for the IoT asset tracking implementation and strong device identity protection. the core IoT security requirements for the following:
the security infrastructure needed to establish “trust” when a device connects to the network.
Identify the required security needed to ensure personal, sensitive and financial information is kept private and secure, and device identity is preserved.
For the devices and the data being sent across the IoT infrastructure, security integrity is critical. Describe how security professionals will ensure the “data integrity” and encryption of information being transmitted.

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