writing assignment for Critical Issues in Healthcare class

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Please write a two-page paper with your reaction to the scenario:

After examining Mr. J, Dr. Z informs him that he needs surgery. Mr. J replies that he would like to have a second opinion. Dr. Z, agitated, tells the patient to “go ahead and ask another doctor for a second opinion, but I don’t think you will hear anything different.” Has Dr. Z acted ethically? Explain your answer.

Your answer should be well-formed using the APA style format, including two current high-quality resources within the last five years, you can use your book as a primary resource. Use grammarly.com and use the library resources from your course shell to support your answer. Include a cover page, an introduction, a conclusion, and a reference list page. Your answer should reflect what you’ve learned from the module readings, as well as any life experience you have had with health care systems.

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please no more than 20% similarity. 

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