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6 Apr

Locke and Marx, private property


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Please answer the following question in a well-organized essay:  For both Locke and Marx, private property has its roots in labour. Both would agree, moreover, that the protection of property is a key function of the state. Yet the social and political implications of property and labour are very different for these two political theorists. What would Marx have to say about Locke’s approach to labour and property? Specific Instructions:  Must make clear arguments that directly and specifically engage with the question, and use evidence from the readings. The two sources required are the readings and the readings only please.  The readings were : “The Second Treatise of Government”, written by John Locke and “The Manifesto of the Communist Party”, written by Marx.  Please note, if you have never worked with these authors before, please do not apply for the essay. I prefer to write it myself than to have an essay that does not directly answer the question. Thank you very much.
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Locke and Marx, private property
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