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8 Sep

Loss from an early age til now – NO PLAGIARISM

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September 8, 2019

Criminology #2 forum
September 8, 2019

• my mom and dad divorcing when I was 4, and how it didn’t affect me till middle school that is wasn’t normal to not grow up without a dad seeing my friends all have one in their life, how it changed my views on how much mom has done for me and my sister and talk about how I value her so much and how I feel like it changed the way I turned out ( more independent, always feeling like I need to help my mom in every way I can)overall changed my life• moving to different schools constantly: it made me feel sad having to start all over constantly with no say in it. And how everything was different and hard to adjust to. (include what you think would fit)• having to give away my dog when I was 7 because we couldn’t give it the true life it deserved. Explain how that one didn’t affect me to much because I wasn’t super close to the dog and I didn’t realize till now that I shouldn’t have let my mom give it away because now I have 2 dogs and I couldn’t imagine life without them and explain that now I carry a lot of regret and grief now that I am older as oppose to when I gave it away.• The loss of my grandpa 4 years ago. Explain how that one hit me the hardest and I am in a way still grieving that because I still don’t agree that it was his time to go. And how it has really affected me because we were SUPER close. He called me every day to talk about my day and vent to me about random things and to go from daily phone calls to one day never receiving one again affected me a lot in high school my senior year. Say that I consider that my first actual loss because of how much importance and value I had on my relationship with my grandpa. And how it actually felt like I was missing something.

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