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29 Dec

lowest frequency component


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Student Number: ____1764309______
Qe: If this was an example question how would you compose your answer?
Figure 1: Example answer – you don’t need to provide captions for your figures!
Q1: Draw and properly label the time-domain waveform for AM in the following equation:
Q2: Given that the lowest frequency component of an FM spectrum has a period of 1.02354110-8 seconds and the highest frequency component of the spectrum has a period of 8.13008110-8 seconds. What is the maximum frequency deviation needed for a message signal whose highest frequency component has a period of 8.10372810-4 seconds?
Q3: How can you practically tell the difference between an FM and a PM signal?
Q4: Using your entire student number as the number of samples in a 1-second audio file. What would be the transmit time for that audio if the bit time was 20s? Also, what would be the spectral efficiency of the ASK system?
Q5: Explain, with the aid of mathematical proof, the difference between single and double branch FSK BER performance.
Q6: Why is it important to multiply a BPSK signal with an in-phase carrier signal when demodulating? What would be the important outcome if the carrier and multiplying signal were 90 degrees out of phase. Draw and sufficiently label and annotate the resulting waveform.
Q7: Design a digital modulation scheme for an optical application. Name every block in your scheme and describe its role in the system and draw the expected signals between each block.
Q8: If the Vpp of a message signal is 1.SL V and the carrier amplitude is 2 V what will be the linear size of the sidebands in Volts when looking at the AM spectrum?
Q9: What is a major limitation of phase modulators? Create a thought experiment example that demonstrates this limitation.
Q10: Which component or block is the main problem resulting in poor transmission times for our audio signals in the lab. Propose a circuit design or product that you think will fix the issue – list the key specification.

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