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6 Feb

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Assessment 3
Assessment Type Group Assignment – Report and Group Video presentation
Purpose To allow students to demonstrate their mastery of the subject, and further develop their team working skills .This assessment relates to learning outcomes a. b c. e
Soft copies of all groups’ video presentations- all groups – due 8pm Friday of Week 10. Recommend. groups size is 4-5 students per group.
Report: One member of ea. group must up.ad the group repon submission to the Turn. Assignment link on KOI Moodle Subject Home Page no later than the due time of 8pm Friday of Week 9. AIl submissions must be accompanied by a signed KOI Assignment Coversheet.
Video Presentation. Video presentation is a reflective study to demonstrate how the group members have come to a better understanding of the relevant learning outcomes. The video is to be submitted in a standard video format such as MP4 or VAI. Vedio presentation submission method of video file will be advised during trimester.
Top. Management Control Systems – Remuneration and the measurement of management performance.
Task Details: Each group is to critically review the policies, methods and the methodology that is used by an Australia public company. They are to assess these performance meaurement practices speciffcally in relation to the company’s key management personnel as outlined in the Remuneration Report. Note that other Director Remuneration is excluded from this review. In particular, each group should consider the following aspects of their policies and practices:
a) How the performance measurement system measures may affect the ethical behaviour and the culture of the organisation.
b) Which performance measures are likely to have the greatest motivational impacts on management behaviour, and
c) An evaluation of the financial and non financial measures in achieving desirable outcomes. i.e. those best ‘aligned with shareholder outcomes.
Research requirements: Groups are expected to research the academic Literature related specifically no executive pay. remuneration. ethical behavior. motivational theory and management control theory and analyse the way such research relates to the practices of the company they will renew. A minimum of twenty peer reviewed academic reference are required.
Word count: The word count will depend on the number of students in the group. The absolute minimum number of words per student is 500 and a maximum of 750. Therefore, a group with four members submit a report (excluding cover pages. reference and. appendices) of between 3000 and 3750 words.

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