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14 Oct

Marga is a therapist whose hometown


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1__A theory helps psychologists broadly explain ______
2_Psychologists primarily engaged in helping others are generally called _______
3_The method of _________
is considered scientific because it incorporated the study of the structures of the mind as well as a person’s recollection and reflection of their thoughts and feelings in a well-controlled laboratory setting.
4__Under the biological approach in psychology, _____________
emphasizes that the brain and nervous system are central to understanding behavior, thought, and emotion.
1_Professor Cognition is examining how time delays affect memory performance. He decides to use students in his psychology course as his subjects. During a class session, he tells the students about the study. They will take a memory test in class and then again, an hour later. As an incentive, he informs the class that those who are willing to participate will receive 10 points extra credit. Those not willing to participate will have 10 points deducted from their overall course grade. The students who decide to participate complete the two memory tests anonymously and then are explained the basis for the experiment. Professor Cognition is violating which ethical standard:
A_informed consent.
b_voluntary participation.
2_Which is considered an important issue regarding ethical guidelines for conducting research?
A_Informed consent
D_Informed consent, deception, and debriefing
3_Dr. Sanders is interested in how people understand feedback about their performance and incorporate it into their view of themselves. She has large groups of participants take a bogus personality test and then, in front of the group, tells each of them that they either did very well, average, or very poorly. She also tells them that their scores on the test accurately predict future life success. Dr. Sanders then has the participants write a short paragraph describing their personal strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the study, the group turns in their paragraphs and is excused. At no time does Dr. Sanders inform them that the test and feedback were actually false. In fact, she never tells them about the nature of the study. Dr. Sanders’s study violates which ethical standard?
A_Protection from harm
B_Informed consent
4_The variable that a researcher manipulates in an experiment is called the _______ variable.
5_A carefully planned and executed procedure that aims to explain how a variable has caused an influence on another variable is known as
A_an experiment.
B_a case study.
C_a correlation.
D_a theory.
6_Which type of research can demonstrate causality?
C_Inferential statistics
D_None of the above; causality can never be determined.
7_Marga is a therapist whose hometown had a school fire in which many children died. Which of the following therapeutic techniques would be least helpful to trauma victims?

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