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17 Sep

Marketing Leadership FBL5020


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Assessment 2
Marketing Leadership
Semester Two 2020
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Statement: The buyer decision process varies according to the customer, the organisation, the market, and the product. The buyer decision process has 3-time zones; the first-time zone is purchase behaviour. It is often overlooked that after selecting a product a customer will form expectations which will be assessed and evaluated in the second and third time zones.
Task 1: Using the Kiwi Experience product demonstrate your understanding of the first-time zone and the steps a consumer may take when selecting [or not selecting] this product. Ensure you also discuss how expectations influence customer satisfaction. Visit the organisation website and review how they have responded to COVID-19.
Statement: The total product is the totality of what an organisation delivers to the customer – what is promised, therefore, what is expected, what is delivered, and what are the total costs to the customer.
Task 2: Given this statement, holistically, demonstrate your understanding of the total product relevant to the example.
Statement: There are a number of product considerations that would be of importance to the marketing manager of this business.
Task 3: Identify the most important [relevant] product considerations [6] and then discuss the implications, from the perspective of a marketing practitioner, for each selected product consideration.
Statement: There are 6 product components in the total product [goods, services, ideas, experiences, people, and places].
Task 4: Identify the product components within the Kiwi Experience product; rank them by importance; justify your decisions. 

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