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10 Jan

MBA 6325 – Organizational Behavior Case Analysis Guide Dr. Michael Hargis ● UCA College of…


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MBA 6325 – Organizational Behavior Case Analysis Guide
Dr. Michael Hargis   ●   UCA College of Business
Case Analysis Expectations
1. Case analysis responses should be your original thoughts—clearly and strongly supported by evidence-based ideas covered in the textbook and other assigned resources.
2. Strong case analyses will present creative, thoughtful, and innovative solutions.
3. Your audience for this analysis is the course instructor. Thus, you may assume that I have read all the resources & understand all the terminology. You should write concisely and directly to your key points. There is no need to define terms or summarize the case. Instead, you should apply the terms and point to the key facts of the case in support of your best answers.
4. Clearly mark each discussion question and answer it directly. Do not write a single paper that intermingles your answers to the questions.
a. Sub-questions (labeled a., b., etc.) are given for guidance only. You do not have to answer each one specifically.
5. Management is not linear, so there is no limit on which topics/concepts may be included
in your case analysis. The expectation is that you demonstrate understanding of all assigned resources up to this point in the course. You may also reference topics/concepts from upcoming modules or any relevant, non-assigned resources.
Nuts & Bolts
1. Each case analysis should be 4 to 6 pages in standard formatting (double-spaced, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point font).
2. When applying terms/concepts from the textbook, apply bold and underlined formatting to those terms. Terms/concepts from the textbook do not need a citation.
3. When applying concepts from the assigned (or outside of class) resources, please cite using APA style. Provide a single reference list at the end of the case analysis.
4. All written work will be submitted through SafeAssign.
MBA 6325 – Organizational Behavior Case Analysis Guide
Dr. Michael Hargis   ●   UCA College of Business
Discussion Questions: A Zero Wage Increase Again
1. What outcomes does Mark seem to want to achieve by addressing wages & rewards? a. What are Mark’s goals? b. How important is money in individual motivation? c. Will money make people work harder or smarter on a day-to-day basis?
2. Contrast the outcomes that might be expected in the following two scenarios: (1) Mark
uses the process improvement savings to give a 3% wage increase to all employees, and (2) Mark uses the money currently available in the budget to give raises to Aaron, Simon, and Wesley only.
a. Do the employees know whether they are currently meeting Mark’s expectations? b. Do you think Mark’s frustration is affecting his decision-making?
3. As a consultant to Mark, would you advise him to give a raise to all, to none, or to the
deserving minority? Explain your reasoning and how you would mitigate against possible repercussions.
a. What are the potential reactions of the various employees? Consider the potential individual reactions, as well as costs to the organization.
4. Design a reward system that will improve the behavior of employees like Anne, Marie,
and Dougie. a. What should Mark understand about individual motivation and rewards to help
him create an effective reward system?

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