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14 Mar


Activity Title: Assignment 1Paper Number and Title: MGT219 Change Management Level 6, Credits 15Learning outcome: number(s) LO1: Debate current schools of thought that contribute to change management in organisationsConditions: This is a compulsory assignment. It makes up 20% of your final result for this paper.
The completed assignment is to be submitted via Blackboard by the due date.
ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS:-Due date: Sunday, Week 5, via BlackboardWord Count: 1500 words (+/- 10%), excluding referencing and appendices.Contribution: 20%Style: Report
Qualification outcome expectations:-
Research and referencing: You are required to engage in some research into the theories underpinning marketing and other sources in order to successfully complete this assignment. Ensure you include a full reference list, including all sources, using APA guidelines (latest edition). Correct referencing is an expectation of tertiary study.Presentation guidelines: Work is expected to be word-processed and submitted as a Word document or PDF, use a clear, readable font and be within 10% of the given word count (excluding any referencing). Include your name, student number and the paper code and assignment number as a header or footer. Reports should include headings or subheadings as required. Essays should include an introduction, body and conclusion. Spellchecking and proofreading of work prior to submission is strongly encouraged.
TASK:-Access the Air New Zealand Sustainability Report 2018 to complete this assignment:https://p-airnz.com/cms/assets/PDFs/2018-Sustainability-Report.pdf
In the report, Air New Zealand state they have made a commitment to five sustainability issues: “our people, climate change, sustainable tourism and regional development, sustainable procurement, and waste and plastics” (p. 7).
Focussing on the section on Sustainable Tourism and Regional Development (pp. 39-47), debate each of the following three theories,
• The Group Dynamics school• The Human Relations approach, specifically Elton Mayo• The Continency theory
For each theory, ensure you:• Provide an explanation of the theory and how it links to the Air New Zealand’s
Sustainable Tourism and Regional Development approach and implementation.• Debate the pros and cons of each of the theories, providing at least two examples for each side of the debate.
You may also need to read other parts of the report to gain a context for this focus.Ensure you use headings and subheadings as appropriate for clarity.See the marking schedule for more detail on how marks will be awarded.

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