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12 Mar

MGT602 Business Decision Analytics | Good Grade Guarantee!

ASSESSMENT 1 BRIEFSubject Code and Title: MGT602 Business Decision Analytics
Assessment: Decision Style Analysis Reflective report
Individual/Group: Individual
Length: Up to 1000 words
Learning Outcomes:-
a)Select and evaluate the usefulness of a range ofdecision making tools and reflect on yourdecision-making styles and contrast with otherstyles to determine the respective levels ofrationality and intuition utilised
b)Compare, contrast and critically evaluate sources ofdata as influences for decision-making in a range of business contexts
Submission:12 week class: By 11:55pm AEST Friday of Module 2.2 (Week 4) Intensive class: By 11.55 pm AEST Sunday end of Module 2.2 (week 2)
Weighting: 20% Total Marks: 20 marks
Context:Fast changing workplace demands in the 21st century call for greater flexibility in the ways individuals and work teams make and implement decisions. This assessment draws on learning activities and resources from weeks 1-4. It is designed for you to record and reflect on the decision-making preferences, processes and tools that you use personally on a daily basis and compare and contrast this with one or two major personal or business decisions. You should include in your reflective report:
1.Decisions actually made during a one- week period (select from weeks 1-3)
2.1-2 major decisions you have made
3.Your decision-making preferences (see activity Module 1)
4.Personality style/ strengths and their impact on your decision-making style, bias and blindspots
5.Reflection on feedback and insights from at least three class members
6.Sources of data and use of decision-making tools to make decisions
7.Evaluation of those decisions and their significance
8.Visual interpretation of data / trends/ patterns
9.References from weeks 1-4 (modules 1-2) subject learning resources that demonstrate your reading, understanding and ability to apply effective decision-making tools.Please Note: Your Decision Style Analysis is a Reflexive Writing piece – You should write in the first person, because this is about YOU, your reflections and your interpretations. (e.g. “I considered this advice to be…… because it had a big impact on me………and it helped me to understand my…………”).
Try to be as specific as possible, use brief concrete examples from your real experience to illustrate and demonstrate learning outcomes (see grading rubric).
All principles of academic integrity apply, including acknowledgement of all sources in your report and a corresponding list of all references cited in your report, using APA 6th edition reference style. Only list references that have been cited by you. The APA referencing guide can be located in the Academic Writing Guide at http://library.think.edu.au/ld.php?content_id=1882254 Submit Assessment 1 in Turn-it-In; obtain your report.
Upload Assessment 1 PLUS the TII Report via the Assessment link in MGT602 Business Decision Analytics on the Student Portal for Blackboard. Then press ‘SUBMIT’.The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the Student Portal. The rubric below summarises the grading criteria and standards required for each grade.

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