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24 Aug

MNG03236 Business Professional Development | Good Grade Guarantee!

MNG03236 Business Professional DevelopmentAssessment 2: Portfolio – 30%
Student Name:
Mark: /60 Grade:
Part A – Report (1500 words/40 marks)
Executive Summary
Clearly states reportpurpose; findings andconclusion are in thecontext of the purpose;information is in alogical order; length ofone page.
States reportpurpose; findingsfrom all sectionsdiscussed in contextand in order;between half and onepage in length.
Purpose of the reportconsidered; findingsfrom most sectionspresented; more thantwo paragraphs inlength.
Includes at least oneactual finding; limiteddemonstration of theconventions of anexecutive summary,i.e. reads as anintroduction
Purpose of the reportnot clearlyacknowledged;summary notincluded; does notdiscuss all/anyreport findings.
Effectively orientsreport; defines keyterms within thiscontext; creativelyidentifies/lists keyparts; no evidence orfindings.
Orients the report;defines key terms;identifies and listskey parts; does notpresent evidence orfindings.
Good attempt toorient the report anddefine key terms;identifies and listsmost key parts.
Limited attempt toorient the report;identifies and listssome key parts; lacksfocus; inadvertentpresentation offindings.
Introduction isabsent or does notidentify key parts ofthe report.
Description of perfect job and career
In depth description ofperfect graduate orinternship position andbroader careerpresented in 1–2paragraphs; clearlynames andcontextualises theindustry sector.Refers to Appendix A.
Describes perfectgraduate positionand broader career in1–2 paragraphs;names and perhapscontextualises theindustry sector.Refers to Appendix A.
Makes reference to aspecific job roleand/or career; namesthe industry sector inat least 2-3sentences.Suggestion of furtherdetails in later partsof the report (e.g.appendix).
Names at least one of:job, career path,industry sector.Does not refer to anappendix.
Description is absentand/or or does notidentify job, careerand industry sector.
Careers literature
In depth criticalevaluation anddefinition of careers,career managementand career success.Compares, contrastsand personalises these.
Defines careers,career managementand career successand compares andcontrasts these. Somereference to ownapproach.
Defines careers,career managementand/or careersuccess. Comparesand contrasts these.
Discusses someelements of careers,career managementand career success.Limited comparisonor personalisation ofthese terms.
Description is absentand/or or does notdefine the terms.
Goal setting or motivation theory
In depth criticalevaluation of severalcontemporarymodels/theories; cleardiscussion of relevanceto own goals. Excellentsummary of each of thefive time bound goalsexplored in appendixB.
Very gooddescription andevaluation of at leastone contemporarymodel/theory. Verygood discussion ofusefulness to owngoals and clearsummary of five goalsexplored in appendix.
Reasonabledescription andevaluation of onemodel/theory.Reasonableconsideration ofusefulness of theory;mentions own careergoals.
Inadequatedescription andevaluation of amodel/theory withlimited reference tousefulness and/orown goals.
Poor or nodescription orevaluation.
Persuasively highlightskey points andevidence for these inthe context of reportpurpose; no newinformation; shortreflection onsignificance and impactof findings on thefuture career; at least200 words in length.
Highlights the mainpoints of the report;no new information;is appropriatelyreflective; at leastthree wellconstructedsentences in length.
Reviews the keyparts of the report ina minimum of two –three sentences;some evidence ofreflection upon theimpact of thesefindings.
Conclusion isincluded; makesreference to thereport purpose but islimited in depth,breadth and length.
Conclusion notpresented or does notfollow academicwriting conventions.
Clarity of expression/style/ spelling
Persuasively connectsideas and arguments;creatively interpretsreflective and criticalwriting parts;distinguishes betweenopinion and theory
Clearly connectsideas and arguments;interprets reflectiveand critical writingparts to suit personalstyle; credibledistinction between
Ideas and argumentsare communicated instructured sentencesand paragraphs;meaning is coherentand writing contains
Attempts to connectwords and ideasalthough meaning issometimes unclear orinvisible; containsseveral spelling and
Does notdemonstrate anunderstanding ofacademic writingconventions.
with appropriateevidence; no spellingor grammatical errors.
opinion and theory;spelling and grammarchecked.
few spellingmistakes.
Quality of literature and referencingtechnique
Sources are highlyrelevant to thediscipline andargument and wellintegrated. Literatureis consistentlypresented according tothe Harvardreferencing style bothin text and in thereference list.
Evidence of wideliterature search andconsistentpresentationaccording to theHarvard referencingstyle both in text andin the reference list.
Limited evidence of aliterature searchbeyond greyliterature butcontains andendeavours tointegrate these. Atleast five relevantreferences used;consistentreferencingtechnique.
Does not/does notadequately consultthe literature; usesless than fivereferences and theseare not wellintegrated and/or donot follow thecorrect, Harvardstandard.
No or inadequatesources that are notintegrated.
Appendix A: Database of employers
Clear, annotateddatabase of fiveorganisations alignedwith careeraspirations; all contactdetails presented; 1-2paragraph overview ofcareer prospects,opportunities anddistinctive featuresdiscussed in ownwords.
Database lists fiveorganisationsaligned with careeraspirations; mostcontact detailspresented; very good1-2 paragraphoverview of careerprospects,opportunities andfeatures uses mostlyown words.
Database lists fiveorganisationsconsistent withcareer aspirations;most contact detailspresented;Reasonable 1-2paragraph overviewof career prospects,and/or opportunitiesand/or featuresusing mostly ownwords.
Database lists 3-5organisations mostlyaligned with careeraspirations; somecontact detailspresented; overviewis limited in depth orbreadth and/or doesnot use ownwords/is copiedfrom source.
Does not presentappendix or ispresented but verylimited in depthand/or breadth.
Appendix B: Career goals
Excellent applicationof SMART goal settingtechnique; careergoals are creative,cohesive anddistinctive. Goals areconsistent withportfolio; uses andcorrectly formatstemplate provided.
Very goodapplication ofSMART goal settingtechnique; cohesivelearning/careergoals presented;consistent with thewritten report; usesand correctlyformatstemplate provided.
Functionalapplication of mostSMART goal settingtechniques; fourmost importantlearning/careergoals presented;some relationship tothe written report;attempts to usetemplate provided.
Attempts to applySMART goal settingto most goals; goalsare notcohesive/logical/and/or realistic;issues withformatting andpresentation oftemplate.
Limited or noattempt to presentSMART career goals.
Part B Video – 3 minutes (20 marks)
Comprehensive description of industrysector
In depth overview ofindustry sector thatclearly describes thesize, scope; productsand/or servicesprovided, and nature ofemployment in thesector for a definedgeographic region andaudience. Clearreference to sources,many of which areacademic.
Very good overviewof industry sectorthat describes keyfeatures such as thesize, scope; productsor services providedand nature ofemployment in thesector for a definedgeographic regionand/or audience.References sources.
Functional overviewof industry sectorthat describes 1-2key features such assize, scope, productsor services etc.Limited reference tosource ofinformation.
Poorly definedindustry/industrysector that ispresented as opinionor derives fromexperience. Nodiscussion of sources.
Unclear sector orindustry; nosource/s.
Synthesis of main career opportunities inthe chosen sector
In-depth overview ofcareer options oropportunities availablein the sector andrelative accessibility ofthese includingdemand, salary andskills. Clear
Very good overviewof career options oropportunitiesavailable in thesector, that considerstwo-three factorssuch as accessibility,demand, salary, skillsetc. Good attempt to
Functional overview,reflection on, andpersonalisation of theimpact of 1-2opportunities in thechosen sector.
Minimal reflection onand personalisationof the impact at leastone feature of theindustry sector thatpresents as anopportunity.
Limited/no reflectionon careeropportunities.
personalisation of theimpact.
personalise of theimpact.
Synthesis of main career challenges in thechosen sector
In-depth overview ofthe career challengespresented by thesector, inaccessibilityof these; negativechanges occurring inmarket conditions suchas demand, salary andskills. Clearpersonalisation of theimpact.
Very good overviewof career challengespresent in the sectorthat considers twothree factors such asaccessibility, demand,salary, skills etc.Good attempt topersonalise of theimpact.
Good overview,reflection on, andpersonalisation of theimpact of 1-2challenges in thechosen sector.
Minimal reflection onand personalisationof the impact at leastone feature of theindustry sector thatpresents as achallenge.
Limited/no reflectionon career challenges.
Evaluation of most appealing aspects ofindustry sector
In depth and wellintegrated reflectionon several appealingaspects of the chosensector.
Very good reflectionon 2-3 appealingaspects of the chosensector.
Lists 1-2 appealingaspects ofemployment in thechosen sector.
Notes an appealingfeature of the sectorbut fails topersonalise orcontextualise this.
Does not present oradequately analysetheories ofleadership. Noexample orconnection to ownapproach.
Presentation quality – length, lighting,sound, editing, speech, attire
Video is highlyprofessional – smooth,clear and polished.Information ispresented in anengaging manner andthere is evidence ofattention to allelements of productionand delivery e.g.speech, attire, lightingand sound and editing.
Video is smooth, clearand polished.Information is wellpresented and thereis evidence ofattention to mostelements productionand delivery e.g.speech, attire,lighting and soundand editing
Effective videopresentation withinformation clearlystructured andsmoothly delivered.Minor productionand/or deliveryissues.
Inadequate videopresentation thatlacks attention tomost production anddelivery elements.Ideas do not alwaysflow smoothlythrough most of thepresentation.
Presentationunsuccessful inpresenting ideasclearly. Bodylanguage, soundand/or vision are notclear, unable todiscern intendedmessage.
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