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30 Jul

Module Project: Resource assessment


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Module Project: Resource assessmentLogistical, physical and human resources are all crucial to ensuring business sustainability, and knowing the answers to these resource queries will go a long way in garnering the support your venture business will need to thrive.What resources are indispensable for your ventures to succeed? Think about the venture idea you began cultivating back in Week 1. Based on the market in which you are entering with that idea, what necessities do you need in order to sustain your business over the course of six months to one year? Remember, that such resources can, and will, include more than the financial.In Week 3, you created a feasibility analysis of your venture idea centred on the opportunity within a selected emerging market and the overall strengths of the idea. Assume that you pitched this analysis to an investor and gained their interest. However, they require you to ease their trepidations before they commit to anything. In light of this, for this Module Project submission, your challenge is to assess the resource requirements of your venture idea for the first year of operation. To do so, you must analyse what resources you have available and what still you need in order to carry out your venture.To prepare for this Assignment:Review your work from the Week 1 and Week 3 Module Project submissions.Review your Learning Resources with a focus on resource assessment.Identify the financial, logistical, physical and human resources required to sustain your venture business, within your selected emerging market, for at least 1 year.Research sources of financial, logistical, physical and human resources needed to sustain your venture business.Identify which resources you are short on.Reflect on how you can allocate available resources to sustain your venture business for one year.Assume you acquire the resources you are short on from the hypothetical investor. Reflect on how you will utilise their investment to sustain your venture.To complete this Assignment:By Wednesday (Day 7)Submit a 1000-word paper in which you address the following:·         Evaluate the financial, logistical and physical resources necessary to sustain your venture business, within your selected emerging market, for at least one year. Justify your evaluation.·         Analyse the resources you have available (consider all potential resource sources) and how they can best be utilised to sustain your venture business for at least one year.·         Based on your evaluation analysis, explain the likelihood that you will have the resources necessary to carry out your venture business for one year. Be sure to address all potential resource sources and where your sources are insufficient.·         Explain what resources you still require and how any investment, from the hypothetical investor, would be used to remedy this insufficiency. In your explanation, include the amount of funding you will need from the investor.Fully justify all your assumptions and claims using your own experience, the Learning Resources or your own research. Cite your work using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System.This Assignment should also be prepared and submitted to Turnitin using the Word (.doc or .docx) format no later than midnight (Day 7) your local time.Suggested Answer

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