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4 Feb

Mortgage Process and Transaction control AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

Question 6: The Money Pit Mortgage Company is interested in monitoring the performance of the mortgage process. Fifteen samples of five completed mortgage transactions each were taken during a period when the process was believed to be in control. The times to complete the transactions were measured. The means and ranges of the mortgage process transaction times, measured in days, are as follows:
a. Construct the control charts for the mean and the range, using the original 15 samples.b. On the control charts developed in part (a), plot the values from samples 16 through 25 and comment on Whether the process is in control.C. In part (b), if you concluded that the process was out of control, would you attribute it to a drift in the mean, an increase in the variability, or both? Explain your answer.
Question 15: Janice Sanders, CEO of Pine Crest Medical Clinic, is concerned over the number of times patients must wait more than 30 minutes beyond their scheduled appointments. She asked her assistant to take random samples of 64 patients to see how many in each sample had to wait more than 30 minutes. Each instance is considered a defect in the clinic process. The table below contains the data for 15 samples.
a. Assuming Janice Sanders is willing to use three-sigma control limits, construct a p-chart.
b. Based on your p-chart and the data in the table, what can you conclude about the waiting time of the patients.
Question 5- The following information has been gathered for a project to install a new machine lathe at Diamond Manufacturing Inc.
a) Draw the network diagram.
b) Calculate the slack for each activity and determine the critical path. How long will the project take?
Question 6- Consider the following information for a project to add a drive – through window at Crestview Bank.

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