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4 Feb

Network elements and Technical Requirements | Good Grade Guarantee!

Once you have completed the practical aspect of this activity, you will need to write a report discussing how you performed each of the following tasks:
Prepare all required devices, cables & connectors considering WHS in place
Go through the network design documentation to make sure they are current and complete. Provide reason why they are complete or what is incomplete.
What network elements are required to be installed to meet the technical requirements?
Write an email to the vendors and service suppliers in order to get all required devices, accessories and any other required information. Be specific with the model, parts, size you need.
Develop plans for the network installation. These items must not be missed in the plan. a) Arrange tasks in priority based. b) Ensure minimal or no disruption to the client while working on network installation and configuration? c) Define date and time of your planned installation
Contact your client to get: a) Approval for you plan. b) Access to the network facility
What information are required before configuring routing in a cisco router?
What are the router operating parameters?
Make list of appropriate cables, ports, and connectors to connect routers to other network devices and hosts. to.
Using a console cable, connect the router and apply the basic configuration.
Check the firmware version of the router and upgrade if not current.
Save your work and back it up to a TFTP server.
Apply basic router security.
As provided network diagram, configure static and default routes in the Brisbane router.
Determine and calculate an addressing scheme using VLSM and stigmatization to satisfy addressing requirements in a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) environment.
Configure the classless routing protocol (RI Pv2 or OSPF or EIGRP) using the addressing scheme prepared previously and test connectivity between Sydney and Melbourne PCs.
Identify and correct problems associated with IP addressing and host configurations using utilities.
Perform basic troubleshooting principles to verify the network’s operation.

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