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20 Nov

NUR330 Gerontologic Nursing


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Critical Thinking Questions/Please provide a rationale for your answers and cite a reference. 
1. In long-term care settings, a resident’s attempt at sexual expression is often viewed as
a. psychopathic.
b. problem behavior.
c. a sign of dementia.
d. normal behavior.
2. Which of the following are true statements regarding the safer sexual behaviors of older adults? (Select all that apply.)
a. Older adults are less likely to use safer sexual practices because they do not perceive themselves as being at risk.
b. HIV rates are lower among adults over the age of 65.
c. Older women are less likely to use condoms because they are not concerned about pregnancy.
d. Older men have many partners to choose from, therefore women try to please them by agreeing to unprotected sex.
e. More than half of HIV-infected older adults continue to have unprotected sex.
3. In alternate care settings, what factor often prevents older residents from pursuing sexual relationships?
a. Shyness about approaching the opposite sex
b. Lack of availability of condoms
c. Lack of privacy
d. Lack of partner availability
4. The nurse plans to assess the Ortiz’s sexuality. What action by the nurse is best?
a. Use the PLISSIT model to guide the discussion.
b. Ask direct questions that can be answered yes or no.
c. Give them surveys to fill out and collect next time.
d. Tell them you will answer any questions they may have.
5. The nurse discusses normal age-related changes to a community group of older people. What information does the nurse provide? (Select all that apply.)
a. Vaginal secretions decrease, so water-based lubricant should be used.
b. The vaginal canal stretches so it may take longer for the man to ejaculate.
c. Rectal sphincter contractions during orgasm in either partner need evaluation.
d. The penis takes longer to become firm, so plan a longer period of foreplay.
e. Second orgasms are probably not possible, so use that time for cuddling.

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