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15 Oct

Nutritional information for a particular type of food.


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Provide nutritional information for a particular type of food. Include a relevant image with a link.What does the heat of combustion refer to? What is the heat of combustion for methane, octane, coal, ethanol, and wood (glucose)? Provide the chemical reactions for all five.How does burning coal provide electricity? Provide a suitable image to help explain.What is energy efficiency? What is the energy efficiency of burning coal? What is the energy efficiency of gasoline vehicles?What is the U.S. energy consumption across petroleum, natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, wood, others? Provide a relevant image or website link.What are four different types of coal and how far down are they found in the ground? What is the percentage of carbon in each coal type?Provide three examples of harmful effects of burning coal to produce ash? What elements contribute? How is this similar/different to forest fires/burning wood?Who are the top five oil producers in the world? Who are the top five oil consumers in the world? How much is in a barrel of oil? Provide at least one unit conversion to liters, gallons, etc.What does porosity and permeability refer to in terms of oil?What techniques are used to get oil from the ground? What is problematic about some of these techniques, for example, fracking?What is fractional distillation? What are eight examples of compounds produced from fractional distillation and how are they used in everyday life?What is thermal cracking? Why is it relevant to motor vehicles?How are biofuels and biodiesels produced? What are the challenges in using such fuels?
Nutritional information for a particular type of food.

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