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4 Apr

OMED0104 – Lab report


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OMED0104 – Lab reportThe lab report must be word-processed, must contain data that is given to your lab group and besubmitted using the correct link on the OMED0104 Moodle page.ContentIntroduction (200-300 words)Materials and Methods (no limit – should be presented in the table(s) – do not copy info from thelab manual)Results and Discussions (400-600 words)Conclusions and Future Work (200-300 words)Questions and Answers (no limit – should be concise and straight to the point)References (no limit)Report should be up to 1000 words. The following sections, Materials and Methods, Tables andFigure, Questions and Answers, and References are excluded from the word count.Your report will not be marked if it is not: Word-processed – industry standard for reports. Has data that does not belong to your lab group. You submitted using wrong link ie. HPLC lab report you submitted under MS lab report link.Marking Scheme
IntroductionMaterials and MethodsResults and DiscussionsConclusions and Future WorkQuestions and AnswersReferences
15 marks5 marks40 marks15 marks20 marks5 marks

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