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5 Apr

On Year Off Year Funding Cycle


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This Forum centers on on-year and off-year funding cycles. In practice, the on-year versus off-year funding cycle is no longer utilized. However, you should be aware of its history and application. Conduct a document search and research and provide your response as if the cycle was still in practice (there is no reason the concept could not return to application). Without giving too much away, and stealing your thunder for the forum, On-Years were even number years, while Off-Years were odd number years. The intent of this concept was to allow for total budgetary review in year one, with the incremental review (very little room for change) in year two. It is suggested (a big hint here) taking some time to find two to three recent news articles that relate to this concept; there are many. And maybe address your forum response with a bunch of questions such as: 1. What are the pros and cons of this approach? 2. Why has the idea been more or less phased out? 3. Do you see this process making a comeback? Why or why not? Support your answer with a resource you found on the internet or APUS online library. Remember you cannot use Wikipedia in any US college course for papers or forums. Have fun with this one too. Don’t overdo it, but do provide some details for a robust discussion.
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On Year Off Year Funding Cycle
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