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6 Feb

Online Grocery store AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

i need a full business plan on Online Grocery store .
as follows:-
What is the name of your business?
Description of Business
What will your business do?
Form of Business Ownership
What form of business ownership (sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation) will your business take? Why did you choose this form?
Ideal Customer
Briefly describe your ideal customer. What are they like in terms of age, income level, and so on?
Our Advantages
Why will customers choose to buy from your business, instead of your competition?
Ethical Issues
Social Responsibility
A business shows social responsibility by respecting all of its stakeholders. What steps will you take to create a socially responsible business?
Global Issues
Do you think that you’ll sell your product in another country? If so, what countries would you choose, and why? What challenges will you face
Mission Statement
Provide a brief mission statement for your business
Business Goals
SWOT Analysis
Perform a basic SWOT analysis for your business, listing its main strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Who will manage the business?
Organization Chart
Show how the “team” fits together by creating a simple organizational chart for your business. Make sure that you organizational chart indicates who will work for each manager as well as each person’s job title.
Corporate Culture
What do you see as the “corporate culture” of your business? What types of employee behaviours, such as organizational citizenship, will you expect?
Leadership Philosophy
What is your philosophy on leadership? How will you manage your employees day-to-day?
Job Descriptions
Looking back at your organizational chart in Part 2(a), briefly create a job description for each team member.
Job Specifications
Next, create a job specification for each job, listing the skills and other credentials and qualifications needed to perform the job effectively.
            Insert Job Title #1:  
            Insert Needed Skills/Credentials/Qualification for Job:  
            Insert Job Title #2:              Insert Needed Skills/Credentials/Qualification for Job:  
            Insert Job Title #3:  
            Insert Needed Skills/Credentials/Qualification for Job:
Training Employees
What sort of training, if any, will your employees need once they are hired? How will you provide this training?
A major factor in retaining skill workers is a company’s compensation system—the total package of rewards that it offers employees in return for their labour. Part of this compensation system includes wages/salaries. What wages or salaries will you offer for each job? Why did you decide on that pay rate?
As you learned in Chapter 8, incentive programs are special programs designed to motivate high performance. What incentives will you use to motivate your workforce?
IT Resources
What kind of IT resources will your business require?
Customer Services
How will you use information technology to keep track of your customers and potential customers?
Cost of Doing Business
What are the costs of doing business? Equipment, supplies, salaries, rent, utilities, and insurance are just some of these expenses. Estimate what it will cost to do business for one year.
Expected Revenue
How much will you charge for your product? How many products do you believe that you can sell in one year (or how many customers do you think your business can attract)? Multiply the price that you will charge by the number of products that you hope to sell or the amount you hope each customer will spend. This will give you an estimate of your revenues for one year.
Income Statement and Balance Sheet
Create a balance sheet and an income statement (profit-and-loss statement) for your business.
12-Month Income Statement (Profit & Loss Statement)

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Revenue (Sales)

Category 1

Category 2

Total Revenue (Sales)

Cost of Goods Sold

Category 1

Category 2

Total Cost of Goods Sold

Gross Profit


Rent Expense

Salary/Wage Expenses

Supplies Expense

Advertising Expense

Utilities Expense

Telephone/Internet Expense

Insurance Expense

Interest from Loans (if applicable)

Other Expenses (specify)

Total Expenses

Net Profit

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Balance Sheet

Current Assets

Cash in Bank
Cash Value of Inventory
Prepaid Expenses (insurance)
Total Current Assets

Fixed Assets

Machinery & Equipment
Furniture & Fixtures
Real Estate / Buildings
Total Fixed Assets

Total Assets

Liabilities & Net Worth

Current Liabilities

Accounts Payable
Taxes Payable
Notes Payable (due within 12 months)
Total Current Liabilities

Long-Term Liabilities

Bank Loans Payable (greater than 12 months)
            Less: Short-Term Portion
Total Long-Term Liabilities

Total Liabilities

Owners’ Equity (Net Worth)

Total Liabilities & Net Worth
Floor Plan
Create a floor plan of the business. What does it look like when you walk through the door?
Raw Materials and Supplies
Explain what types of raw materials and supplies will you need to run your business. How will you produce your good or service? What equipment do you need? What hours will you operate?
Quality Assurance
What steps will you take to ensure that the quality of the product or service stays at a high level? Who will be responsible for maintaining the quality of the product or service (or both)?
Target Market
Describe your target market in terms of age, education level, income, and other demographic variables.
Product Features and Benefits
Describe the features and benefits of your product or service.
Product Differentiation
How will you make your product stand out in the crowd?
What pricing strategy will you choose for your product, and what are the reasons for this strategy?
Place (Distribution) Issues
Where will customers find your product or service? That is, what issues of the distribution mix should you consider?
How will you advertise to your target market? Why have you chosen these forms of advertisement?
What other methods of promotion will you use, and why?
Start-Up Costs
How much money will you need to get your business started?
How will you finance your business? For example, will you seek out a bank loan? Borrow from friends? Sell stocks or bonds at the outset, or as your business grows?
Executive Summary
Now, create an executive summary for your business plan. The executive summary should be brief—no more than two pages long—and should cover the following points:
The name of your business
Where your business will be located
The mission of your business
The product or service you are selling
Who your ideal customers are
How your product or business will stand out in the crowd
Who the owners of the business are and what experience they have
An overview of the future prospects for your business and industry

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