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19 Oct

PAM100: As well as the Normal Risks We as Bankers Face Namely: Global Issues for…


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The Coursework Task
There is one requirement in this section. The response to the requirement should be submitted in no more than 4,000 words. Penalties apply for exceeding the word count. No formal penalties apply for using fewer than 4,000 words but in so doing you may be penalizing yourself as it is likely to be challenging to respond to the requirement in less than 4,000 words.
Theme 3 of our GIFP module covers a number of areas relating to risk and risk management whilst Theme 4 look at the operational aspects of financial institutions. Both are set against a background of minimising risk through regulation.
The quote below is from a Senior Risk Manager of a UK Clearing Bank, speaking on BBC Radio 4, August 2020:
“As well as the normal risks we as bankers face namely; credit, liquidity and solvency risk, today we also have to face other risks such as technology risk, reputational risk and the ever-present risk associated with contagion.
In addition, pressures come from both shareholders and the government. Shareholders want us to increase our profits and the government wants us to lend to as much as possible to stimulate the economy. However, we are working within a background of strict international regulation which is designed to protect customers as well as the financial system.”
Discuss the nature and significance of the risks identified in the quote above. Additionally, describe and illustrate how banks can manage these risks. In so doing, set your discussion, description, and illustrations in the context of the regulatory framework that banks work within, and assess whether the drive for lending and profits is realistic within the current regulatory framework.
Your conclusions should be based on the evidence you have reviewed and you may draw upon relevant theories and ideas and where appropriate use analysis, arguments, and justification by using examples and illustrations.
In answering this question, you should not only refer to the material you have in Themes 3 and 4 in the study materials but you should also look at additional journal articles, trade association publications, and annual reports, showing us that you can conduct relevant and independent research. In-depth knowledge of Basle 3 is not expected but you might want to refer to it in your answer.
Key descriptors:
Critical evaluation – here you must provide your verdict on the issues and draw conclusions as to what extent a statement or findings within a piece of research are true, or to what extent you agree with them. You must provide evidence from a number of sources which both agree and disagree with the argument presented. You are also required to produce a final conclusion based on your decision on what you think to be the important factors and then justifying how you have made your choice.
Review – this involves you thoroughly looking into a subject. There should be a critical assessment and not just a descriptive review.
Analyse – Break an issue into constituent parts and fully discuss these parts.
PAM100: As well as the Normal Risks We as Bankers Face Namely: Global Issues for the Finance Professional Assignment, UoL, Singapore

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