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16 Sep

Parent-Child relations


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Book reference :
Bigner, J. J. & Gerhardt, C. (2014). Parent-Child Relations: An introduction to parenting (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. 2. Siegel, D. J. & Bryson, T. P. (2011). The whole-brain child. New York, NY: Random HouseFinish reading Ch. 3 of the Siegel & Bryson book and listening to the recorded lecture before you work on this paper.
The paper will be 11/2 to 2 double spaced pages using 12-point Times New Roman Font.
Use one-inch margins.
Do not align the right margin.
Title and reference pages are not needed.
Briefly describe an event where you witnessed a child, between the ages of five to 12, whose downstairs brain took over and the child acted before s/he thought. This can be something that happened to you when you were during that age range. DescribeWhat happenedHow the child actedHow the child seemed to feelThen discuss how you would help this child (or the younger you) if you were the parent by applying the three whole-brain strategies discussed in Ch. 3.
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